Yoga for Fitness and Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight, people tend to lean toward high-impact activities like running, cross fit, or kickboxing. For those who don’t enjoy these activities, yoga is a great alternative. It not only sculpts and tones your body, but it calms your mind and gives you mental clarity throughout your day. Here are a few ways that yoga can aid in your weight loss goals.

1. Body
Yoga isn’t just stretching, it takes a lot of muscle strength, flexibility, and stamina to complete yoga classes. Vinyasa yoga and Bikram yoga have been hailed for their ability to help their practitioners shed pounds and tone their muscles.

Many yoga poses also help the body to begin the detoxification process. By detoxing our bodies of harmful chemicals and stress, our metabolism increases and is able to shed pounds more efficiently.

Flow yoga, also known as vinyasa, can burn around 500 calories an hour. Taking fewer child’s poses, or rest periods, and practicing more standing poses can help to increase this number.

2. Mind
Yoga is not only a physical workout, it’s a mental workout. It takes commitment and mental strength to be able to hold even beginner’s poses. This often progresses into our daily life. With greater mental strength, we are able to reduce our consumption of unhealthy foods and behaviors, which can help shed pounds and increase overall health.

Through the process of “awakening”, as many yogis call it, we begin to become aware of the things in our life that we enjoy or do not enjoy. This transfers into our eating habits, as we begin to be aware of the food we are eating, and being aware of our enjoyment in it as well.

3. Soul
The soul and mind often go hand-in-hand. When we nourish the soul through yoga practice, we are able to pay attention to what feels good. Overeating, drinking in excess and being sedentary tend to make us feel even worse. By healing our soul through yoga, these bad habits begin to diminish.

Yoga is an entire rebuilding of the mind, body, and soul. Through yoga, we are able to build strength, lose weight, enhance mental clarity and replenish our soul. All of these are excellent ways to begin your weight loss journey.


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