Women Nailin’ The Trend In 2018: Cuticle Tattoos

Super stylish Rihanna would probably have a good laugh because she’s already been there and done that in 2013. Zoe Kravitz got hers designed in 2015. Now, more women are taking a closer look at the beauty trend of super-cute cuticle tattoos.

That’s right; tiny inkings below the fingernails are becoming the hot beauty statement of 2018, and some women like matching their manicures with their tattoo designs. It’s a cool, bad-girl look that can go as elaborate or minimal as you desire.

Take a look here at Allure magazine.

The now mainstream trend started picking up steam in late summer of 2017, and it doesn’t appear to be fading away anytime soon.

Rihanna did not invent the cuticle inking because it’s been around the world for generations and generations. The Chilean and Peruvian people have worn these kinds of hand tattoos for centuries. The popular pop singer, however, seems to encourage a lot of beauty and fashion trends that many women eventually follow. Rihanna’s right hand is covered in elaborate black ink, by the way. Her tribal cuticle tats do not appear on her left hand as reported by the U.K.’s The Sun.

For those women and men who are familiar with getting inked and the pain that follows with it, getting a tattoo done by the cuticle area, directly under the nails, can deliver plenty of ouches and discomfort. Tattoo artists have to get the needle to the right depth to keep the inking perfect because we wash the hands so much.

Still, the trend is not scaring many women away.

There are also noncommittal tattoos for the cuticles if you don’t want to keep the look forever. Tattoos are not cheap, but they wear well. Still, for those who aren’t keen on needles or fickle beauty trends, temporary cuticle tats are also quite popular.

Nail salons are offering cuticle inkings that look like the real thing with creative nail stamps and glamorous metallic gold detailing.

You can also buy temporary tats online that feature the sun and moon and astrological signs. There are cuticle and knuckle tattoos that offer letters and numbers to make a statement. If you prefer symbols of hearts, flowers, anchors, etc., they’ve got you covered.

Getting a beautiful henna tattoo is another way to ride the cuticle trend into 2018 without the commitment that goes with it.

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