Winter Glow: Skin Care for the Colder Months

Cold weather itself isn’t that detrimental to skin. While it may feel like your face is chapping due to cold air or snow-laden winds, what’s really doing the damage is the indoor heating that keeps your home comfortable during the winter.

Not only does hot, dry air leech moisture from your skin, but heating systems are rarely cleaned out before cold weather hits. Debris and dust wait around in ducts only to be blown through the house when the heat is turned on.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks to keep your skin healthy and beautiful during the cold winter months.

Moisturize Regularly

It seems like a simple step that everyone uses, but often people are moisturizing incorrectly in the winter. Face oils, for instance, aren’t actually absorbed into the skin. They don’t moisturize; they create a thin protective layer on the skin. To combine the best of both worlds, add a few drops of your preferred facial oil to the moisturizer that you use regularly. Moisturize right after you’ve toweled off from a shower when the pores are open and your skin is damp; you’ll avoid letting your skin dry out and feel wonderful.

Skip the Toner

In humid, hot months when you’re likely to sweat and oil production in your skin increases, a toner is a life-saver. During the winter months, however, a toner can exacerbate feelings of dryness and leech necessary moisture from your skin. Avoid alcohol-based products to prevent excessive dryness and splash a little cool water on your freshly washed face in lieu of your toner.

Don’t Linger in a Hot Shower

Although a steaming hot shower feels wonderful after a day in the cold, it actually breaks down the natural oils in your skin and washes them away. This leaves your skin vulnerable to excessive dryness, especially if you don’t moisturize immediately after your shower. A warm shower can be just as soothing and won’t put your skin at risk. If you do have to have that very hot shower, keep it no more than 10 minutes

Winter skin care isn’t the same as summer skin care–avoid excessive exfoliation, skip the toners and moisturize often. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy a winter’s worth of soft, glowing skin without fretting over that cold weather dryness or excessive redness.

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