Whiten Your Yellow and Stained Nails With These Quick Hacks

No woman ever wants stained nails. It’s one of the things you can easily despise from a quick glance, especially if you feel like you’ve nearly erased your nails from too much dousing and still end up with unsightly, dingy-yellow stains.

The problem gets worse if you’re not ready to quit on nail polish, not like it’s a possibility, but painting your nails is the common culprit. Luckily, a few nail hacks will do the trick and soon, you’ll have the cleanest, prettiest nails you can ever imagine.

Figure Out What’s Causing It

Most women point their fingers at nail polish, which is oftentimes the root cause. But Dana Stern, a dermatologist based in New York City, says there could be other reasons. As nail health specialist, Stern says yellow, curved, and overly thick nails may be a symptom of yellow nail syndrome (YNS), a very rare medical syndrome that’s a sign of lymphatic and respiratory system problems.

YNS is a very serious health disorder and shouldn’t be taken for granted, adds Stern. Check your nails regularly to see if there are changes to its texture. If there’s none then the nail stains are likely caused by nail polish.

Prevention is Better than Cure

An overused adage, yes, but works well if you don’t want to get your nails stained. Yellow stains on the nails is a problem faced by a lot of women loyal to the nail polish movement. It’s a habit difficult to give up, but it’s not our fate to end up with yellow nails forever — oh no. The trick is to base coat the heck out of your nails before painting it.

A base coat acts as a protective layer between your nails and the polish. Use it everytime you want to change the color of your nails because really, not all woman can’t be bothered to do it. But it’s a smart move to do so, and a better experience than wailing “I should have applied a base coat first!” over and over again in the future.

Soak it!

A simple nail polish remover won’t do the trick, sadly. Surprisingly, toothpaste doesn’t only work for the teeth; your nails, too, can benefit from it. Brush out the yellow stains away for a few minutes. If they’re still yellow after the brushing, it’s time you use hydrogen peroxide.

Simply mix one glass of warm water with six to eight tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Soak your nails in the solution for around two minutes, and scrub the stains away. That should do the trick.


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