Waiakea Water: Improving Your Health and Helping Africa

More than ever, people are aware of the major environmental impact of disposable, single-use plastic water bottles. What if through the purchase of a single bottle of water, however, you could do your part to bring clean drinking water to people in remote areas of the world? Let’s face it: Bottled water is convenient, and it is immensely popular. Still, you don’t necessarily have to take the good with the bad. By supporting the right brand of bottled water, you can stay well hydrated while supporting initiatives that promote clean water and sanitation in developing countries around the world. You can achieve that and more by supporting Waiakea bottled water.

Most people give little to no thought to the brand of bottled water that they buy. After all, aren’t all types of bottled water roughly the same? Not quite. First, most water that is sold in plastic bottles is no better or different than what you’ll find coming out of the tap at home. Second, it is typically contained in plastic bottles that have been manufactured using environmentally destructive practices. Finally, proceeds from the sale of most types of bottled water pad the owners’ pockets–they don’t make any kind of difference to the world at large.

Happily, Waiakea bottled water is the kind that you can support even if you are highly environmentally conscious and concerned about doing your part to help others. That’s because sales of this unique Hawaiian volcanic water directly support a non-profit organization called Pump Aid that builds and installs special pumps in remote villages around the world. These pumps allow locals to have direct, reliable access to clean, safe drinking water, and they are simple enough to be maintained locally. After learning about all of the good that Pump Aid does around the world, most people are more than happy to support them.

Although Pump Aid helps villages in countries around the world, the focus of its partnership with Waiakea is Malawi. Located in southeast Africa, this tiny, landlocked country is one of the most underdeveloped in the entire world. At least 85 percent of its population of nearly 17 million people live in isolated rural areas–areas that traditionally lack access to clean, safe water. To put it into better perspective, consider this: The average American uses around 666 liters of water per day; the average Malawian only uses 15 to 20 liters–it’s typically all that they can access.

Like so many countries that lack reliable access to safe water, Malawi has a very high infant mortality rate. Life expectancy for males is just 57; for females, it is only 60. Pump Aid fine-tuned an ancient Chinese design for “elephant pumps” and uses this design on the pumps that it installs in Malawi. With access to safe, clean water, a local village should see incidents of disease plummet. Productivity will also increase as villagers no longer have to devote so much time searching for safe water to use.

Every 20 seconds or so, a child dies from a water-related illness. Whether it is thirst, disease or another calamity, it’s not something that we must resign ourselves to. The initiative between Pump Aid and Waiakea bottled water is just one example of the incredible good that can come by giving back. Children are better able to stay in school with access to safe water, as they don’t have to search for it and tend to stay far healthier. The benefits of a single pump can continue for many generations, so the initial work continues to pay off well into the future.

There are many ways to support causes like Pump Aid. You can always just donate money, or you can volunteer for the organization. If you don’t have money or time to spare, however, something as simple as buying a bottle of water can make a huge difference. The best thing is that you aren’t just helping others. You are also helping yourself by consuming some of the most healthful water on the face of the earth. The purchase of a single liter of water provides enough clean water for a full week, so its impact cannot be emphasized enough.

What makes Waiakea bottled water so special, anyway? The fact that sales of this product go to support non-profits like Pump Aid is reason enough for many. However, the water itself is truly remarkable and worth more discussion. It comes from Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Because it rains 360 days a year here, fresh, clean water is constantly cycling through. As it does, it travels through thousands of feet of volcanic rock, which is highly porous and loaded with minerals. Unlike some bottled waters, Waiakea isn’t made alkaline through artificial means. It naturally possesses a pH of 7.8 to 8.8; pure, natural water has a pH of right around 7, or neutral.

Waiakea water also naturally contains an optimal amount of silica, which is around 30 mg. Among other benefits, research has shown that silica may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, so it may have benefits for cognitive functioning. These properties also give the water a wonderfully silky, smooth feel. When served cold, the water is incredibly refreshing and satiating. Knowing that you are supporting a great initiative like Pump Aid with every bottle purchased sweetens the deal even more.

Can water that is bottled from an aquifer in Hawaii truly make a difference for people who are languishing without clean drinking water half a world away? Given the amazing success that Pump Aid has experienced through its work so far, there is little doubt that it can, indeed, have a positive impact. Interestingly enough, the pumps that are used are based on a 3,000-year-old Chinese design, so they have origins in still another part of the world. This is yet another example of the concept of thinking locally and acting globally. Waiakea is leading by example by doing its part to promote Pump Aid’s important work.

Its remarkable mineral composition and other healthful properties are reason enough to drink Waiakea bottled water. Knowing that you’re supporting an incredible organization like Pump Aid at the same time is even better. With continued support from Waiakea and other companies and individuals around the world, Pump Aid can continue its important work and expand it into even more far-flung corners of the world. No one should go without clean, safe drinking water. Now, those who have the luxury of picking and choosing from many brands of bottled water can do their part simply by purchasing Waiakea bottled water. What could be better than that?

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