Understand Your Hair Texture and Scalp To Buy Shampoo or Conditioner

When you visit a drugstore to buy shampoo and conditioner, there are numerous types available. You could spend hours reading the labels to determine what type of hair care products are best for your hair, but first, you must understand your type of hair. Beauticians know that there are several types of hair, and it is essential to choose the right shampoo or conditioner formula to keep your hair in its best condition. Here are the different types of hair textures and scalp conditions:

• Wavy
• Straight
• Curly
• Frizzy
• Dry
• Oily
• Sensitive
• Fine
• Medium
• Thick
• Thinning

It is possible for your hair’s texture and scalp condition to change during your lifetime. Senior citizens tend to have dry hair and sensitive scalps while adolescents will have oily hair and scalps. If you dye your hair or use chemical treatments, then you must select gentle hair care products. In addition to selecting a shampoo that works with your hair’s texture, you must select a formula that doesn’t lead to a skin reaction on your scalp.

Hair Care Product Manufacturers Create Specialized Formulas

Hair care product manufacturers spend thousands of dollars on scientific research to create specialized shampoo and conditioner formulas. Not only do companies want to make products that are formulated for adults, but also, manufacturers want to have conditioners and shampoos that appeal to teenagers and children. There are also specialty shampoos available to eliminate head lice or dandruff flakes.

You Want Hair Care Products With a Pleasing Fragrance

When you apply shampoo and conditioner to your hair, you want a clean feeling, but you also want manageable hair. In addition, you will want a hair care product that has a pleasing fragrance that is appropriate for your age and gender. The fragrance from a hair care product is vitally important, and many customers will open a bottle of conditioner or shampoo to smell it before buying it.

Most Hair Care Products Contain Artificial Ingredients

Most shampoos have chemical ingredients that will remove the dirt and oil from your hair and scalp. Conditioners also have artificial ingredients to add moisture to your hair and scalp. In the summer, you might choose hair care products that are harsher to remove perspiration from your hair while in the winter, you may prefer a lighter formula that won’t create dry hair strands


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