Top 5 Beauty Trends of 2018

A new year marks the opportunity for a new makeup look. Whether you want a small and subtle change, or you’re looking for a complete makeover, hit refresh from your current routine with these five top beauty trends for 2018.

Sunbeam Highlight
In the age of unicorn and holographic highlighters, beauty is going back to basics with the return of the golden highlight. This look is highly reflective and very warm, so look for highlighters that are yellow-based in color. Use a golden highlighter on cheekbones, collar bones, down the arms and anywhere you want to add a lot of shine.

Flower hair accessories aren’t for little girls anymore. Full-on flower crowns or single flower hair clips are perfect for this trend. Wear flowers with updos or your hair down to channel the music festival vibes all year long.

Upside-Down Eyeliner
The upside-down eyeliner trend is perfect if you aren’t able to create the perfect winged cateye yet. Use an eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow in a standout color such as blue or green to achieve the upside-down eyeliner. Keep the rest of the eye makeup minimal to help the upside-down eyeliner really stand out.

Glossy Lips
Matte liquid lipstick was 2017’s biggest lip trend. For 2018, glossy lips are back. Choose lip glosses in neutral colors such as pink or peach, and ditch the bold colors that can easily travel outside the lip line.

Big Lashes
Big eyelashes are back for 2018. Use false eyelashes or eyelash extensions to easily achieve the look. This trend works best with minimal makeup on the rest of the face, so stick to foundation and bronzer.

Experimentation is the secret to any beauty trend. Remember that practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to new makeup techniques and bold use of color.

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