Three Winter Exercise Tips

When the weather outside is inclement for several days or weeks, you may wonder how you can remain physically fit because it is difficult to exercise outside. Use these three valuable tips to exercise outside in cold weather or to remain inside instead.

Wintertime Exercise Tip 1: Buy the Right Garments For Winter Exercise

If you want to bicycle, walk or run in the winter, then you must prepare by having the right garments. Despite the cold temperatures, you may perspire profusely while exercising, so it is important to choose garments made from moisture-wicking fabric. Women should choose a supportive sports bra for the first layer of clothing while men can wear an undershirt. Next, put on a lightweight long-sleeved shirt that is made of polyester. Protect your legs with pants that are made of polyester, and for additional warmth, pull on a pair of shorts. Make sure to wear comfortable socks that cover your ankles, and choose the appropriate footwear with slip-resistant soles. You can also wear a zipped jacket with a hood or a warm knitted hat. When you are overheated, you can remove clothing layers while you are exercising, so bring along a backpack to carry your gear.

Wintertime Exercise Tip 2: Join a Local Gym During the Winter

Look for a local gym that permits you to join for the winter months rather than an entire year. Choose a gym that is open on a 24-hour basis so that you can exercise anytime during the day or night. Find a gym that has the type of exercise equipment that you enjoy such as weights, treadmills or stationary bicycles. You may want to join a gym that has additional amenities such as a heated swimming pool, classes or a sauna. Some gyms also offer services such as massages to prevent sore muscles after an intense workout.

Wintertime Exercise Tip 3: Create a Home Gym

It is especially important to have a gym at home during the winter when it is extremely icy or cold. Find used exercise equipment to save money so that you can have elliptical or rowing machines available. You can also buy small weights and resistance bands to use at home. Have a selection of DVDs in your home so that you can exercise in a variety of ways, including performing a yoga routine or dancing to your favorite music.

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