Three Secrets to Surviving Your First Yoga Class

Yoga’s the big fitness craze recently; people are flowing in classes at the park, in the middle of stores, in studios, and during lunch breaks. Are you one of the curious individuals who may be eager to try your first class but intimidated by all of the seemingly unspoken rules about yoga etiquette? Rest assured that with these three secrets revealed, you’ll be prepared to try any sort of yoga you please.

1. Keep Your Mind Open

Most people who try yoga and hate it are afraid or intimidated about trying new things. This is a perfectly normal reaction, but it’s limiting. In order to get everything you possibly can out of your first class, be prepared to feel silly. You’re going to breathe and move in ways that you’re not used to, and that’s one hundred percent okay. Broadening your comfort zone is a healthy part of the journey.

2. Focus on Your Breath

Before you get psyched out by the woman next to you curled into a pretzel, know that she’s there for herself and only herself, just like you’re there for you. Close your eyes, shift your attention to your own breath, and know that breathing is one hundred percent more important than any movements you make or poses you take. Without breath, people wouldn’t get very far at all. Pranayama, or breath control, is just as important, if not more important, than yoga poses.

3. There Are a Million Ways to Do Everything

If you’re intimidated about trying yoga due to chronic pain, surgeries, or components of your medical history, rest assured that yoga is for every single body. There are lots of ways to do every pose and breathing technique. If a pose isn’t working for you, feel empowered to ask the instructor how you can modify it to serve you. Rest assured that your body is perfect exactly the way it is, and that other students probably have the exact same concern. There really is no possible way to mess yoga up.

An open mind, emphasis on breath, and confidence to customize your yoga practice will get you through any class, anywhere. Yoga is so much about getting to know your mind and body as intimately as possible. No number of expensive leggings, snobby stereotypes, or pretzel poses can take away the feeling of bliss after exactly the practice your body is craving.

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