Are You Suffering From Dental Erosion?

One of the oral problems that some people may not even be aware that they have developed is dental erosion. The reason for this is that dental erosion is an oral issue happens slowly but gradually. Thus, you may only realize that you are suffering from this after it has caused irreversible damage to your teeth. Also referred to as acid erosion, dental erosion happens when the surface of your teeth becomes dissolved due to prolonged exposure to acidic substances. Thus, it is not a bacterial problem but largely depends on your diet and external factors which you can read more on here It is therefore pertinent to seek dental care to stop dental erosion and restore the health of your teeth. So how do you know if you are suffering from dental erosion?

Dental erosion increases the sensitivity of your teeth

One of the telltale signs of dental erosion is if you begin to notice your teeth are more sensitive than usual. When dental erosion is occurring, it disintegrates the surface layer of your teeth. As your enamel diminishes, the nerves of your teeth become exposed to the changing temperatures, which makes eating and drinking a painful process. It would be in your best interests to consult with a dentist to check whether you have developed dental erosion rather than reaching out for the nearest tooth sensitivity toothpaste.

Dental erosion increases the risk of decay

The primary purpose of your enamel is to provide your teeth with a protective barrier against unnecessary decay. Without enamel, your teeth become more porous, making it easier for bacteria to penetrate your teeth. If you are lax with your oral care, the bacteria begin to breed and start to form cavities in your teeth. When you start to experience recurrent pain in your teeth, you may want to have a dentist determine if you are at an increased risk of cavities.

Dental erosion causes rough tooth edges

The edges of your teeth tend to be smooth since they are regularly sharpened when you are chewing and grinding food. Therefore, it should be a cause for concern when you begin to notice the edges of your teeth appear rough and rugged. As your enamel is steadily eroded, your teeth become more susceptible to chipping and cracking as they will be losing their structural integrity. If this is not taken care of, you will find that your teeth become prone to damage when exposed to the slightest impact. It would be best to visit a dentist to prevent unnecessary tooth loss due to acid erosion.

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