Successful First Impressions: How To Impress With A Look

Whether you’re heading for a job interview or to a PTA meeting, your appearance will provide a first impression that can either haunt you or benefit you. If you’d like to learn how to put together a successful look, keep reading.

1. Clothes

Before you can choose your makeup and jewelry, you must first choose your outfit for the day. Your outfit will provide you with the color palette from which you will choose all other cosmetic accessories. Scan your outfit carefully for small patches of hidden colors that can provide a nugget of inspiration.

2. Cosmetics: Skin

Foundation should be the first cosmetic item that you apply. Some people may need a liquid foundation to cover blotchy, uneven, or blemished skin. Others may simply need a light powder to reduce shine. Whichever type of foundation best suits your skin, apply it to your face before any other cosmetic product.

3. Cosmetics: Eyes

When choosing a look for your eyes, it’s important to consider what type of setting in which you’ll be spending your day. For a professional work environment, a sharp or smokey eye look would wear well. For a day spent running errands or handling family business, a natural or subtle eye look might be best. If your plans consist of going out with some friends to enjoy the nightlife, rocking a vibrant or bold eye look would certainly turn heads. Regardless of the eye look you choose, make sure that at least one of your eyeshadow colors matches your outfit. It helps to bring the entire look together in a complimentary way.

4. Cosmetics: Lips

To bring vibrant color to your face, lipstick is a tiny wand that works magic. Depending on the look you’re creating, your lipstick could come in a satin finish, a shiny finish, a matte finish, or a moist finish. Most lipsticks will require the use of a lip liner to help create a defined, smooth lip outline. Many thicker, long-lasting lipsticks tend to dry out your lips, so apply a layer of clear gloss over them to help add moisture and shine. When choosing a color of lipstick, try to pick one that fits with your atmosphere just as you did with your eye look.

5. Jewelry

To bring your look full circle, choose a set of earrings and a necklace. The color of the metal and gemstones (if any) should match or complement the colors of your outfit. Necklaces should also be chosen based on the type of neckline your top possesses.


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