Skin Care Tips to Keep You Looking and Feeling Fresh

Even though good genetics can play their part in what kind of skin we may or may not end up with growing up, as we age it becomes ever more important to keep our skin in the best condition possible. For some people, their facial routines require a bit more maintenance than others and that’s okay. The important thing here is to find out what kind of routine works best for you and your skin type and to stick with it every day. As long as you’re doing right by your skin, you will minimize aging and damage to your pores, which helps in maintaining the elasticity and overall youthful appearance of your face.

Cater to Your Skin Type
Surprising as it may sound, not every person’s skin is the same. Even more surprisingly, most men and women don’t actually know what their skin type is, let alone how to care for it correctly. This leads a lot of people to become frustrated when one type of cream or cleanser doesn’t work for them when it worked for all of their friends. The fact of the matter is that all of your friends might have a typical skin type, while you may have it a little differently and have to find another kind of cleanser to work with your skin type. You could have combination or oily skin, while everyone else you know have dry or moderate skin types. If you’re using the wrong cleanser, you could be creating more damage than good and it could be leading you to break out or experience flaking in some places.

Your Skin Is What You Eat
It might be a given, but you should definitely be keeping up with a healthy diet. This is especially true if you have particularly fickle skin that is prone to sensitive breakouts or perhaps have a skin condition, such as eczema to worry about. Foods like flax seeds and omega-3 fatty acids can go a long way to keeping up your skin’s health, when consumed in healthy amounts daily. Drinking a good amount of water every day is also necessary for balancing out your skin, among many other parts of your body.

Personal Hygiene
If you’re a woman who wears makeup daily, make sure that things like your brushes and makeup pads are cleaned regularly. Everything that touches your face can make an impact on clogging your pores or developing acne. That includes oils on your fingers too, so be sure to avoid touching your face all that much unless you really have to.

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