Six Tips For Having Luscious Lips In the Autumn

As the temperature begins to drop in the autumn, you may notice that your lips feel drier from the climate-controlled air in your home or workplace. To avoid having ugly chapped lips that crack and bleed, it is essential to care for the skin on your lips as quickly as possible. Here are some tips for having luscious lips throughout the autumn and winter.

Tip 1: Use Lip Balm Several Times a Day

Buy a high-quality lip balm that contains soothing emollients to keep your lips softer. By applying lip balm several times a day, you can protect the sensitive skin on your lips from the dry air inside a building. Make sure to choose a lip balm that contains sun protection factor ingredients to protect the skin on your lips from dangerous ultraviolet light.

Tip 2: Increase Your Water Intake

To keep the skin on your lips hydrated, increase your water intake. Drink more than the recommended eight glasses of water each day to have beautiful lips that don’t have peeling skin. Avoid drinking alcoholic or caffeinated beverages that can make you feel thirstier and that will also make your lips feel drier.

Tip 3: Avoid Licking Your Lips Constantly

Avoid licking your lips constantly because this bad habit removes the natural oils from your skin. If you lick your lips frequently, then you are also contaminating the sensitive skin with the digestive juices from your mouth, leading to painful irritation.

Tip 4: Exfoliate Peeling Skin From Your Lips

If you do have any peeling skin on your lips, then use a soft-bristled brush to exfoliate the loose tissue. You can find specialized exfoliating brushes in the makeup department of a local drugstore, or you can use a child’s toothbrush instead.

Tip 5: Consume a Nutritious Diet

You can have moist skin on your lips by consuming a nutritious and balanced diet that includes a lot of fresh vegetables or fruits. Avoid consuming salty or spicy foods that make you feel thirstier and that will make you want to lick your lips.

Tip 6: Use a Humidifier

When the air inside your home feels dry, you can use a humidifier to add moisture to the air. With more moisture in the air of your home, you will notice right away that the skin on your lips feels better.

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