Six Beauty Tips for a Healthy Workout

According to the experts, there are certainly some major pros to adding healthy activities to your daily routines. While there what seems like a lot of little things you can do to improve your health – and by extension, your beauty – they do add up over time. Making that extra effort before your thirty minute workout can help improve the health of your body and extend the length of your quality of life in the process.

Stay Hydrated
You might have heard that there is a certain amount of water that should be consumed during and after your workout but what about the hours prior? Before you even think about stepping foot on that treadmill, be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Most people opt for drinking a tall glass of ice water first thing in the morning, to get their day started on the right note.

Hair Care
Protect your precious strands by adding a few, tiny rituals to your workout routine. If you’re trying to protect a blowout, put your hair up in a bun during your morning run and then work in some dry shampoo afterward to keep it nice and clean to remove any sweaty buildup. On the same note, you may also wash your hair a ton, especially during the hotter months. In order to repair and fully replenish your tresses, find a nice all-natural hair mask that works for you to minimize drying your hair out.

Keep Up the Complexion
Electrolytes aren’t always essential to a workout session, but if your worried about all of those minerals you may be losing due to sweat, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to include them every now and then. You can get your hands on some electrolyte tablets and pop them into your water or find some preset electrolyte water at the store.

Mix It Up
Regular tasting water can be nice and refreshing for some, but for others it can be nice to mix things up once and awhile. If variety is an issue of yours, try replacing a water bottle once in awhile with something tasting and just as refreshing, such as S.Pellegrino water or something of a similar value.

Rest Easy
Some people might scoff at the idea of having enough time to take a nap during the day. Be that as it may, if you’re able and willing to dedicate 45 minutes to an hour of your time in the afternoon, your body might just thank you for the little extra boost of energy.


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