Richard Mishaan Design Makes Your Home As Beautiful As You

There is certainly no shortage of interior design firms in New York City, but Richard Mishaan Design is one of the best. Born and bred in Cartagena, Colombia and partly raised in Italy, Richard Mishaan was at all times surrounded by hues and colors right from his young age. He is a renowned interior designer and architect. He was inspired to build a home at his native Colombia due to his childhood nostalgia which now plays a vital role as a family retreat for his wife and children. He began his line of business by apprenticing in the Philip Johnson’s Offices while attending the Columbia University of Architecture. Further, he received a BA from the New York University which positively impacted on his career. But a stagnant construction market provoked him to flee to Seventh Avenue where he landed a job of designing classic men’s and women’s sportswear.

First of all, even though he might be best known among many for his interior design work, Richard Mishaan is also highly knowledgeable about architecture and landscape design. This is not something that can be said about every interior designer. He has authored two books namely Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury both published by Monacelli Press, a division of Random House. These books are incredibly educational and helpful for those who want to learn and sharpen their own interior design skills. For more than 25 years, Richard Mashaan has been a world leader in Interior design. He is the founder of Richard Mishaan Design, a top class architectural company in Interior Designing. He also creates a collection of furniture for his design store, Homer and is an Architectural Digest Top 100 designer. His combined knowledge of fashion, interior design, and architecture, as well as his cultural roots, give him a profound understanding of comfort and quality.


Over his 20-plus-year career, Colombian-born interior designer Richard Mishaan has built a reputation for being the ultimate mix master and a serious art collector. From his portfolio, you can easily see a ton of his work that shows he has a broad knowledge and a knack for working with many different styles and types of homes. According to the Richard Mishaan Design firm, the most excellent interiors are richly layered and covered. His best works are “Hamptons Summer House” and “Upper Westside Townhouse” where in “Hamptons Summer House” Richard was able to pull off a classy and elegant look while making the home look incredibly relaxing and laid-back at the same time, which isn’t an easy look to pull off at all. In “Upper Westside Townhouse” Mishaan was able to show clean lines and modern design.

Interior designer Richard Mishaan believes that all furniture along with decorative accessories with naturally good form can be combined effectively regardless of style, period and price. Drawing on his international background and love of travel, he combs the world to find exquisite, unique pieces for his clients. He creates exuberant, bold as well as glamorous spaces known for their masterful use of art that is nevertheless comfortable. He brings together furnishings and objects from multiple periods such as Italian neo classic, African tribal, the Seventeenth century French, and Art Deco in a contemporary fusion style that has become his signature. Substantially, this volume covers Mishaan’s best work since 2009 and includes a dozen spaces of every scale, from gemlike city apartments to Hampton’s estates and the presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel.

Mishaan advances his projects with the knowing eye of a curator, integrating art objects into the flow of everyday life. He believes that the best interiors are layered and rich. Throughout, he weaves tips on how to live well in any dwelling; full-color photography illustrates his ideas for truthfully personalizing spaces and for injecting areas devoted entirely to comfort in every room. A proponent of introducing an element of comfort into all spaces, even the most utilitarian, the designer shares his inspiring ideas for how to infuse every room from well-appointed formal dining and reception spaces to private for relaxation and work with personality as well as the generosity of spirit.

This prolific color presentation showcases dozens of finished projects, from elegant townhouses to pied-a-terre apartments, spacious second homes, and corporate offices. Richard Mishaan’s wide-ranging knowledge of fine arts, architecture, and modern as well as historic furnishings is revealed in an engaging commentary that details his creative process, discloses his most valuable tips and further explains how his understanding have well-versed with the creation of his own custom furniture along with the retail line. Richard Mishaan Design provides a directory of the designer’s favorite sources from around the country and around the globe encouraging those interested in creating complex and sophisticated interiors of their own to begin. It’s now the world leader in interior design creating timeless and artistic interiors for residential, hospitality and commercial clients. Richard Mishaan firm has consistently been selected to be on the AD 100 and Elle Décor A List. Richard advocates that men are concerned about drawing attention to valuables they acquired from their travels, and they should display their rugs masks even if they do not complement each other.

When you walk into a Richard Mishaan Design room, you are greeted by something that is unique and approachable all at once. His work stays incredibly modest since he focuses on creating a story that utilizes both layers and various textures to get something unique and exciting. Mishaan believes the knowledge he obtained from the Columbia University in finance and real-estate development has enabled him to produce some of the most innovative and discerning residential, hotel and retail projects around the globe for numerous celebrated clients. Richard Mishaan has successfully collaborated in five licensing categories where his scope has spanned both the design development on such projects and overall branding as well as marketing initiatives

Richard Mishaan firm is an excellent choice given the fact that his designs are hard to beat when compared to some of other designers out there. Therefore, this firm is famous for its unique and distinct touch by blending an array of electric furnishings and decors from different styles and periods that ideally harmonizes objects and sculptures making a different home and houses beautiful and exquisite.


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