Reshaping Your Nose With Makeup

If you know exactly how to use it, makeup can be an incredible tool to transform your face. You can be as creative as you want to be and completely change up your look to be however you want it to be. If you have certain parts of your face that you want to hide or cover up, makeup is an easy way to achieve that. It’s all about knowing the little tips and tricks that makeup artists use to elevate their look and make almost anyone look glamorous and as if they are decked up for a red carpet event!

Having a small petite nose has always been something that women all over desire. Before makeup tips and tricks started reaching a whole new level, people used to get expensive nose jobs to make their nose look more ideal. Today, the same thing can be easily achieved with makeup, and here are three ways on how you can easily do it.

Bring In The Brows

One way in which you can make your nose look slimmer is by bringing in your brows closer to each other, rather than being further apart. This gives the illusion of having a slimmer nose because of how the face draws in. If your brows are naturally far apart, use a brow pencil to fill it in to get a petite looking nose.

Highlight Your Nose

If you think that a highlighter is only meant to show off a part of your face, think again, because it can be used to make your nose look slimmer and sleeker. Instead of traditionally using highlighter just on the tip of your nose, use it on the sides instead of a side nose contour to make a rounder nose look sharper and more petite.

Hide The Bump

If your nose is slightly bigger and fatter towards the end of your face, then skipping the highlighter on the bump and swapping it for a matte bronzer is always a good idea. It takes the attention away from the nose, and focuses it on the bridge, making it look smaller than before.

Additional Tip: Do A Hairdo!

The way you wear your is the deciding factor on which part of your face people will focus on. Wearing your hair in a side parting rather than a middle parting will help to draw attention away from your nose, and to the side of your face.


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