How To Pop Your Waxing Cherry

Waxing is painful! So, why does anybody do this?! It can be, but it can also save you grooming time, be less stressful to your skin, and slow down your hair growth over time. If you’ve already decided to get waxed, these tips will guarantee a more positive waxing experience.

How can you prepare for your first wax?

Find an experienced waxing professional. Research providers in your area. Ask your hair stylist. Ask your friends. If you put some time and thought into finding the right person, you will save yourself from making a decision that could have disastrous results.

Your body hair needs to be longer than a quarter inch. For some people, this means you will need to let it grow for at least two to four weeks. If you ignore this advice, hair will be left behind and it will grow back sooner than you expected.

What should you expect during your first wax?

If the beauty professional you’ve chosen doesn’t talk to you about the service before you get started, do not be afraid to slow the service down and ask questions. Part of their job is to make you more comfortable.

Go into the service expecting some level of pain. It’s hard to give a general idea of how much, because everyone’s body is different. Some hairs are coarser, longer, thicker, or more resistant. Breathe and remember the pain only lasts for seconds.

How do you care for the waxed area afterwards?

Avoid shaving the waxed area at all costs. It can cause unnecessary trauma to the waxed area and interrupt the waxing process. Be patient. Waxing the City (, a waxing studio with over 50 locations nationwide, tells their clients that they will be hair free for at least one to two weeks after getting waxed. After some time, that gets longer.

Regular exfoliation with a professional product is also important. Ask your technician for product recommendations. Exfoliation will prevent ingrown hairs and keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Start today! Throw away your razors. While you’re waiting for those hairs to grow, you can pass the time by researching local waxing providers and asking your close friends for recommendations. Don’t let the idea of how painful it’s going to be scare you away. Focus on the goal of smooth and hair free skin and you will survive!


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