Perform This Simple Yoga Pose (Sarvangasana) Each Morning And Reap The Benefits

It sounds too quick and simple to be of any importance in your daily lifestyle, but one yoga pose can transform your whole being.

That’s right; just two to five minutes a day of holding this yoga asana or position, and your body will respond the way nature intended it to.

It is called the “sarvangasana” or shoulder stand, and it’s been an essential yoga movement since ancient times. Experts in the practice of yoga know the multiple benefits of performing this simple exercise, according to The pose affects the major organs and harmonizes their stability in a calming way.

To see what the sarvangasana position looks like and to learn how to assume the yoga pose, look at this YouTube tutorial.

Yogis swear by the sarvangasana to help balance the thyroid gland by sending a healthy blood flow to the neck region. In addition, both the thyroid and parathyroid glands have control of the body’s basic functions via respiration, blood circulation, digestion, excretion and the entire nervous system.

A healthy heart can be maintained by practicing this yoga pose each morning because the body is inverted and venous blood flow to the heart is easy. There are no gravitational aspects to worry about.

A lot of women and men who enjoy doing yoga are often very interested in the shoulder stand because of its excellent weight benefits. Yoga experts say that the sarvangasana pose can assist you in shedding unwanted pounds and keeping your body at a sound weight. The position is able to smooth the metabolic functions of the body through the thyroid gland and help regulate one’s weight.

For those who are challenged by asthma, this simple yoga pose makes breathing easier because the diaphragm is working against gravity and assisting in abdominal respiration.

The shoulder stand is also beneficial for those with headaches or migraines and amazing at toning the muscles in the body, especially at the neck, legs and rear end.

Before attempting to assume the sarvangasana yoga position, experts advise that people with heart or brain conditions refrain and check with their doctor first. Pregnant women should also stay away from the shoulder stand.

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