Nail Polish is Affordable and Fun Beauty

Nail polish is an ideal way to look great. It fits everyone, and you can do it at home. Its affordability is refreshing. In a world filled with ever-changing hemlines and hair silhouettes, it’s nice to have something simple.

Nails Are Accessories

Think of your fingernails as ten little jewels you wear every day. With polish colors, you can change from emeralds to sapphires to diamonds, and back again! Various formulas and finishes give you many choices, within one color alone.

Nail Shape

You might not be able to grow long nails, but that’s not important. A variety of lengths and shapes are in fashion right now, from short and simple to long and angular.

Nail Care

Moisturization is key. Get cuticle oil from a beauty supply store. Other oils can work, too. In a pinch, olive oil works well. You want to moisturize your cuticles and the underside of your nails. Massage it in, for a nice little self-care moment. For best results, do this multiple times a day.

That Base

Base coats help the wear of your nail polish. Experiment with various ones – they work differently for everybody. The right one will protect your nails from staining and make them stronger, while helping your nail polish last.

Shiny Finish

Quick-dry top coats are great for when you don’t have time to wait, which may be often! You’ll find these at your drugstore or beauty supply store. Like base coats, they work differently for everyone, and you’ll find your favorite.

Customize It

For creative expression, look at the infinite possibilities of nail art out there. Take your nail care into an art form with these ideas. Here are some beautiful possibilities.

Ultimately, it’s just paint. If something doesn’t work, remove it and try something else. It’s an enjoyable and easy way to take risks with your look.

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