How the Misuse of Skin Care Products Can Actually Make Your Skin Worse

Skincare acids, also known as alpha hydroxy acids, are the cornerstone of many people’s beauty regimes. These products are popular because they are proven to be effective at skin resurfacing. The chemical exfoliants work by penetrating deep into the skin’s pores to remove buildup and clear breakouts, or they remove dead cells from the skin’s surface. However, using the wrong formula for your skin, or using these products incorrectly can have the opposite effect and ruin our skin.

Skincare experts are beginning to see that the quest for perfect skin is leading to a grouse misuse of these products. When alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are misused, it can cause photosensitivity, pigmentation, skin thinning, and burns. The acids that get used in skincare, in the natural forms, are not exactly the cause of these skin problems.

These problems often arise when the AHA is put in the formulations of at-home skin care products, like daily exfoliators and at-home peeling products, causes the skin to become overstimulated. If you are interested in using at-home skincare products should get the advice from a dermatologist, facialist, or research products online. Getting advice will help you to determine which products are good and which ones are bad.

When you find the right AHA product, you should not overuse it. You should use AHA products every other day. Unless the dermatologist that has given you other instructions. If you are using beta hydroxyl acid, BHA’s, you can use those every day.

The misuse of AHA products is the only issues with skincare. Misusing active ingredients like antioxidants and retinol can also can breakouts, skin irritation, and an imbalance in the skin. It’s important to use these skincare products as instructed. Also, do not mix the products. Try one product at a time to avoid adverse reactions or the overstimulation of your skin. If you mix products, your skin may immediately become irritated.

Taking care of your skin is important. While using AHA skin care products will help you see an improvement, using them improperly can cause issues. Don’t become so overzealous in your journey to having perfect skin that you end up aging your skin, or worse.

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