The Maximum Effort Toward Total Beauty

The desire for maximum beauty is a selfish goal. It is a selfish endeavor, not a stingy one, as you must make a conscious effort to take care of your whole self, your entire being. The beauty of beauty is that you don’t need to make a tremendous effort of commitment to it, just consistency.


You don’t necessarily have to join a group or a gym to be in better shape or even to lose weight. By avoiding convenience you can get a pretty good daily workout by just participating in the details of living. This is selfish because you are depending more on yourself to get through daily living. If you are close enough to walk or ride a bike from point A to point B, then get in the habit of doing so on a regular basis. Always take the stairs for a quick and free cardio workout, but take your time. It’s all about you so set your own pace. Use your mental playlist of music to set a comfortable rhythm.


Let’s just skip over what you already know about the minimal salt, sugar, and fat intake and the maximum intake of all things green and leafy and focus on the habit of eating. Make an effort to eat fresh. Your body is meant to process energy constantly, and you should fuel it several times a day. Think of food as the source of energy that it is. Consume nutritionally sound snacks throughout the day in anticipation of hunger as opposed to satisfying it. Drink glasses of water with meals and snacks. Stay hydrated by taking sips of water throughout the day. By the time you feel thirst, you are already dehydrated.

Spiritual and Mental Health

Don’t feel like reading? Try an inspirational TED talk once a day to stimulate you. Your mind must also take the time to process the data that your brain constantly collects. Performing mundane tasks that require minimal focus, such as household chores or routine personal hygiene between activities and eating, give the mind an opportunity to convert.
Remember, the goal is to be in a constant state of becoming, so pay attention to your body. There is always room for improvement as your body and all of its subsequent concrete and abstract processes change with time and require various, and sometimes new, methods of maintenance.

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