Logan Stout and IDLife Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Many manufacturers of health and wellness products have made the claim that they can help you achieve your fitness goals. You may be skeptical about this claim, but in this case, it very well may be true. IDLife is unquestionably different from other products, and it is worth it to find out how.

How Are the Formulas and Supplements Different?

The supplements that are currently on the market are at a disadvantage. They are the “one-size-fits-all” variety, and this cannot be said of the IDLife products. This means that the supplements customers receive from IDLife have been individually engineered specifically for them.

Before anyone receives a bottle of vitamins, they must take a HIPPA-compliant, evidence-based assessment that will be used to create supplements that take the person’s body chemistry into account. After the assessment is done, the company creates the supplement. It only offers the customer exactly what is needed and leaves out what are not needed.

What are not needed are the synthetic fillers that are contained in over-the-counter supplements. The fact that IDLife (@IDLifeLLC) does not have these fillers and are customized to the person’s individual body makes the supplements that IDLife offers truly different from anything else on the market.

What is the Science Behind the System?

The founders of IDLife took advantage of science when they were creating their products. This means that they took recommendations from more then 7,500 peer-reviewed journals and clinical studies that helped them create their individualized supplements. The company actually has 1.3 million combinations of their formulas, so there is bound to be something for each person who decides to purchase their products.

The supplements are also different from other vitamin supplements because IDLife offers one group of vitamin supplements that are to be taken in the morning and another to be taken at night. The body is ready to receive vitamins and minerals at different times of the day, so the a.m. and p.m. versions ensure that all of the vitamins and minerals are absorbed at optimum levels.

The supplements are also screened to ensure that the customer does not receive anything that would be harmful to that particular person. They do not contain any fillers like the other supplements, and the ingredients are all pharmaceutical-grade nutrients.

The Business Model

IDLife offers people an opportunity to become a part of the company with a network marketing business model. This means that the products are not sold in stores. The company uses sales associates who are known as “distributors” to introduce the products to people in various settings. This allows the distributors to receive the profits without having to share them with retailers or wholesalers.

The positive point is that you don’t have to have a store to be involved in this business. As a matter of fact, “word of mouth” is a better advertiser than television ads, print ads or billboards. To illustrate this point, $153.7 billion went towards direct sales or network marketing in 2011.

Meet the Executives

Logan Stout is IDLife’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Logan attended the University of Dallas where he studied Psychology and Business. He went on to found several companies, including loganstout.com, Premier Baseball Academy and the Dallas Patriots, and write the book “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams!”, which is currently available on Amazon.

Laura Brandt is the company’s President. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She held several executive positions prior to being appointed to be President of IDLife in 2016.

The Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel is Mark Bennett. Mark attended Stephen F. Austin State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminal Justice in 1994. In 1997, he graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law with a Juris Doctorate.

The Chief Financial Officer is Joe O’Connor. The Executive Vice-President of Field Development is Darryl Smith, and the Director of Field Leadership is Scott Unclebach.

What Do IDLife’s Customer’s Have to Say?

Chuck Miller has lost 24 pounds since he started taking IDLife’s products. He feels as if he is getting healthier every day. Chuck isn’t just a customer of the products. He also joined the company as a distributor and has been so successful, he believes that he will be able to quit his job in the very near future.

Ginamarie Mazzaro lost 18 pounds and has 25 left to lose, but she is confident that she will be able to do it on the IDLife program.

Tony weighed 280 pounds before he tried the IDLife products. After one year, he was able to lose 50 pounds, and he has maintained that weight loss. This is remarkable because he spent the last 20 years trying to accomplish what only took him one year to accomplish with IDLife. This is an excellent testimonial to the effectiveness of this program.

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Who Is Logan Stout?

Logan Stout is the Chairman and CEO of IDLife, and he has experienced tremendous growth in the health and wellness industry with the help of the likes of Troy Aikman and Jen Widerstrom as two of his partners. He is also an author of best-selling books and is a sought-after keynote speaker. Logan Stout only launched his new company in 2014, but it has already been listed as one of the companies on the “100 Solid Top MLM Companies” list.

His successes in business have given him the ability to become a philanthropist, and to this end, he founded the Dallas Patriots baseball organization of which he is currently the CEO. This organization gives kids six to 18 years of age the chance to receive expert coaching, mentoring and training in baseball. This has led each of the participants to be able to play baseball at the college level, and every year, some of Logan’s participants are fortunate enough to be MLB draft picks.

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