Lime Crime’s Latest Eyeshadow Innovation Will Delight ’90s Polly Pocket Babies Everywhere

Lime Crime has been making makeup fun for over a decade and the beauty company has been so massively popular with its cult-esque following of dedicated fans that even the most main stream beauty lines are attempting to mimic the success Lime Crime has seen.

Lime Crime has always been about fun – fun, bright colors, fun packaging, a fun team, an incredibly fun social media experience – whatever they are doing Lime Crime is committed to two things. First, they are committed to always providing the best quality makeup products and to never taking themselves too seriously.

Since its founding, Lime Crime has stood firmly behind the concept that they don’t just want to please their consumers, they want to delight and thrill them! Their website boldly shouts the mantra that if they aren’t obsessed with a product, they just won’t make it. What a cool company!

Founded by Doe Deere after coming to America from Russia at a young age, the goal was never to fit the “main stream,” of what was traditionally popular in beauty. Doe Deere wanted to break the mold. She has managed to do what while never shying from the sparkle of her original style that she sprinkles on top of every product she makes.

Her latest genius innovation is the Pocket Candy Eyeshadow Palettes that pair wonderfully with their blue smoke hair dye. What’s so special about this clever little palettes? Ummm…how about they look exactly like Polly Pockets? Polly Pockets were the rage of the 1990s for girls everywhere, second maybe only to Beanie Babies. They come in cute plastic shells that snap open and shut just like a true Polly Pocket.

Lime Crime is keen on leaving their fan base wanting more and they have only released three palettes for their first run. Strawberry Lemonade, Bubblegum and Sugar Plum are the first three and the shells are canary yellow, bright blue and hot pink, with the five gorgeous eyeshadow shades inside aligning themselves with the color of the shell. The palette itself sticks mostly to pinks, mauves, browns and creams but each one is a huge that matches keenly to the shell.

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