Leather And Lace With Luna From Honey Birdette

The Luna collection is the latest release from Honey Birdette. The company is based in Australia and is known for selling a variety of lingerie and other items for the bedroom that make women of all sizes feel sexy and comfortable in their own skin. Most of the lingerie options in the Luna collection are ivory, but there are a few black pieces that offer the sensual look that some women desire. The fit with each piece of flattering, showcasing the beautiful details of the body that a woman often wants to show off instead of covering.

The Luna collection is one that offers elegance along with sensuality. From lace that is as soft as cotton to crystal studs that highlight bras and panties, there are details of the clothing in the collection that leave something to be desired, which is a goal of Honey Birdette. The company has designed the collection to give women more options for feeling confident while being attractive at the same time.

Those who haven’t discovered Honey Birdette are in for a treat with the Luna collection, but it’s really just a small portion of what the company offers. This is only a sample of Le Freak, which is the parent of the Luna collection. There are sets that feature bows and lace along with a few bedroom essentials like leather and metallic foil. These are the additions that make Honey Birdette stand out. The company wants women to envision an exciting life in the bedroom, carrying the confidence that is built from wearing the lingerie out to the rest of the world.

Women who are looking for something that is a bit softer can try a pink blush satin ensemble with light pink lace. There is shimmering rose foil added to the lingerie to give an innocent look that is still empowering and seductive. Jewels are added to most of the sets that are a part of the Luna collection as a way for the items to shimmer and sparkle in the moonlight. Some lingerie sets have jewels that adorn the back of the bra straps and along the top edges of the panties. If you’re looking for something a bit edgier, then consider a leopard print with black satin. There is also Italian lace that adorns the back of the bra and various areas of the panties. This is a set that you might want to consider if you’re looking for lingerie to wear during the day so that you can offer a sneak peek or two, leaving a desirable image for someone special. Honey Birdette offers something for every woman whether she is a vixen in the bedroom or someone who is just stepping out of her comfort zone.

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