Kylie Cosmetics Launches a Pricey Brush Set, But There’s Hope

Dedicated customers of Kylie Cosmetics will be excited to know Ms. Jenner’s company is releasing a new set of brushes. The collection is the third offering in the Silver Series and will hit store shelves on December 13, just in time for holiday shopping. The bad news is that the collection comes with a high price tag attached.

Kylie Cosmetics Adds Brushes to the Silver Series
Earlier in the week, Kylie Cosmetics made headlines with the announcement that the Silver Series would soon be launched. The company revealed that the collection will include an assemblage of lipsticks in one package and a variety of concealers in the second set. Now, the latest announcement shared that the third addition will be an array of a 17 brush make-up set.
The set was teased by Kylie Cosmetics as “all of Kylie’s must-haves” and includes 16 brushes and a silver brush roll in which the products are arranged. The set sells for an off-putting $360.
The cosmetics company may be acknowledging that their customers aren’t all willing or able to commit to such hefty cost for the make-up. Kylie Cosmetics is also selling each brush in the set individually. They have shared the cost of each brush in a breakdown list:
1. Large Powder Brush $48
2. Large Stippling Brush $30
3. Medium Tapered Brush $28
4. Dense Powder Brush $26
5. Angled Face Brush $24
6. Rounded Face Brush $28
7. Medium Stippling Brush $22
8. Small Fluff Brush $22
9. Fan Brush $20
10. Large Shader Brush $20
11. Angled Blending Brush $16
12. Medium Shader Brush $20
13. Small Shader Brush $18
14. Concealer Brush $18
15. Tapered Blending Brush $20
16. Small Smudge Brush $18
The company’s willingness to part with the brushes in cheaper individual sales hasn’t calmed raging critics. Many still want to know why the whole set is priced so high. After all, they are just brushes. Last year, another Kylie Cosmetics five brush set sold for just $35, so why the huge price hike?
In response to the criticism, Kylie Jenner herself explained on Instagram that these are “luxury brushes” and well worth the price tag. The cosmetics entrepreneur said the bristles are crafted from real animal hair, instead of the synthetic fibers normally used for make-up brushes. The explanation was the caption for a photo in which Jenner compared the brushes to comparable brushes, such as those available in the Artis Elite Mirror Brush Set.

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