How To Master The Shelfie

If you follow beauty and makeup accounts on Instagram, then you’ve probably heard the word “shelfie” being thrown around a lot. A shelfie is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s a pic you snap of your skincare or makeup organization system and share on social media so that your followers can see what you use to get glam.

If your bathroom cabinet looks a bit more Hoarders-worthy than Insta-worthy, then snapping a shelfie probably isn’t on your immediate to-do list. Here’s our guide on how to get your setup shelfie-ready and how to snap the perfect pic.

Do A Cleanse

Even the most organized among us occasionally end up accumulating way more products than we could ever logically use before their expiration dates. If your bathroom cabinet is stuffed with products that you barely remember buying, then it’s time to do a cleanse.

First and foremost, take out all the products you use regularly and set them somewhere where you’re sure they won’t be accidentally disposed of during your cleanse. Proceed to go through all of your items one-by-one and determine if you’ll actually use them and if they’re still safe to use. Anything that’s expired or smelling kind of funky should be thrown away. Products that you don’t personally care for or don’t plan to use can be given away to friends.

After you’ve tossed out all the junk, wipe down your shelves and cabinets with a yummy-smelling nontoxic cleaning product. You want your beauty shelves to be clean and inviting, not icky and cluttered.

Organize and Stage

Beauty retailers understand the importance of staging products in a way that makes them seem more attractive to customers. Treat yourself by organizing your products in a way that is visually appealing. One trick used by retailers is to organize products from small to large to small again, making a cool triangle shape. If that’s too busy for you, just organize them in the order you use them.

Snap That Shelfie

If your bathroom lighting isn’t great, you might have to play around with your camera’s flash function. Taking a shelfie is pretty self-explanatory. Feel free to use a pretty filter to make your shelfie look even more aspirational.

Shelfies are a great way to show your followers what products you use to stay gorgeous. Be sure to engage in conversations in the comments. It’s a great way to discover new product recommendations from likeminded beauty junkies.

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