How To Care For Your Feet

You might take your feet for granted because these body parts are covered with socks and shoes most of the time. However, caring for your feet is vitally important. If you have ever had a problem with your feet such as a blister or ingrown toenail, then you know that a foot problem makes your life difficult. Here is an assortment of ways to care for your feet throughout the year.

Foot Care 1: Wash Your Feet At Least Once a Day

It is important to wash your feet at least once a day to remove dry skin and the chemicals from perspiration. If you walk a lot in your job or engage in athletic activities, then washing both of your feet more than once a day is recommended.

Foot Care 2: Wear Comfortable and Supportive Shoes

While flip-flops and high-heeled shoes are often fashionable footwear, these types of shoes don’t provide proper support for your feet. Choose shoes that support the soles, heels and toes of your feet to avoid major foot problems in the future.

Foot Care 3: Use Care While Cutting Your Toenails

If you have long toenails, then trimming the items is important, but use caution to avoid an ingrown toenail that can cause pain or an infection. Buy toenail clippers or scissors with a straight cutting edge, and make sure to keep the items clean.

Foot Care 4: Keep Your Feet Dry As Possible

When your feet are damp from perspiration the majority of the time, the skin and nails are a breeding ground for fungus and other pathogens. If you have sweaty feet, then buy socks that are made from moisture-wicking material, and change your socks frequently.

Foot Care 5: Don’t Wear Toenail Polish All Of the Time

You might enjoy polishing your toenails in the summer or for a special occasion, but if you wear toenail polish too much, then it is bad for your toenails. Signs of problems from polish include having toenails that crack, peel or become discolored.

Foot Care 6: Moisturize Your Feet In the Winter

The skin on your feet can become extremely dry in the winter from the cold temperatures. Make sure to moisturize your feet at night, and also, dab cuticle oil on your toenails. Wear lightweight socks at night to help your feet feel better by the morning.

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