How Beauty Expert Doe Deere Gets Ready For The Day

Celebrities and people who are successful have routines just like everyone else. Their routines might be a bit more in depth than others, but they still like to follow a routine so that they know when to wash their hair, the kind of makeup to use and how to wash the face and skin so that it glows. Doe Deere, the founder of cosmetic company Lime Crime, starts her day using a few products that she believes anyone should have in the home along with a few tricks to keep her skin glowing.


Doe has set her biological alarm clock so that she is able to get up at 8:30 in the morning. A suggestion offered is that you should get up and go to bed around the same time every day so that the body can maintain a normal rhythm. She gets about nine hours of sleep at night, which is normal, but each person is different as to how much sleep you actually need to feel refreshed.


Each day begins with drinking a glass of water. It helps to stimulate the body, especially the digestive system. If you live in an area that has a lot of dry air, then you might want to drink more water in the morning and during the day in order to stay hydrated. When Doe is awake, she does a few stretches to get the blood flowing in her body. She’s not an athletic person, but she enjoys stretching and making sure she stays as active as possible. Breakfast is after stretches and other exercises. Doe enjoys hot cereal or grits in the morning. She also likes fresh fruit. The key to getting the day started right is to eat a healthy breakfast.


Some people live day to day and don’t make many plans. Doe uses her calendar on her phone so that she stays on a schedule and doesn’t miss important events. Her calendar is the first thing that she looks at when she gets up in the morning along with any messages that she has received from team members who work in her company. She usually has Instagram open on her phone, but that’s because she enjoys seeing ways that people wear the makeup that her company sells. Doe also checks her email messages through the day. However, the morning routine involves as little technical involvement as possible until she has completed her daily tasks as she often thinks about new ideas in the morning and how to better showcase her products to customers.


When Doe is applying her makeup, she listens to her favorite music. This is something that anyone can do to enhance the mood first thing in the morning. She begins her morning makeup routine using face wash. She also applies moisturizer to her face before adding any kind of makeup. There are some days that you don’t need makeup if you keep the face hydrated and clean as these products will often keep breakouts to a minimum and provide a natural glow. Once the face is clean, Doe applies her foundation. It’s a product that allows the face to receive other types of makeup easily instead of products clumping on the face. Doe enjoys using L’Oreal True Match Foundation, especially when she’s going out for the day. There are plans of introducing a foundation to her line of cosmetics in the near future.


Once the foundation is on the skin, it’s time to use powder and fill in the eyebrows. Her cheeks and lips are the last areas of the face that Doe works on in the morning. She enjoys using lipstick and blush as they are items that can bring color to anyone’s face. Doe likes to use reds and pinks with bold colors on the lips. Lime Crime features a number of bold lipsticks for women to enjoy so that they can be unique in their own ways.


There isn’t really a set time as to how long it takes to finish her makeup routine. It could take 15 minutes, or it could take as long as an hour. Each woman is different as well. Find the products that work for your skin, and experiment with them to determine how long it usually takes to complete your morning routine. This should be a time when you can enjoy yourself before going to work or taking on the tasks of the day. Doe usually takes a shower in the evening instead of in the morning. This allows her hair to dry at night so that she can easily style it the next day. One of the tools that she likes using is a curling wand as there are different types of curls that she can create. She also likes to wear her hair down so that she can showcase the colors in her hair. Morning routines should be a time spent identifying with the mind and body no matter what kind of makeup or styling products are used.

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