Get Trim by Standing at Work? Explore the Calorie Truth

The growing popularity of standing desks for both work-at-home and office settings comes from the news that sitting down so much could lead to weight gain, lack of fitness, and more serious problems like blood clots. For relatively healthy people, a major concern is what used to be called “secretary spread.” You sit all day, burn fewer calories, and slowly grow in width and girth.

No one wants to gain pounds due to an enforced sedentary lifestyle. Can standing up burn calories and contribute to a healthy weight?

Calories In, Calories Out

Although there are thousands of different diet plans on the market and being talked about all over the web today, they all fundamentally come down to the scientific truth of calories. You need to use more fuel than you take in, or the excess is stored as fat.

Almost 50 scientific studies were conducted in recent years on calorie expenditure when sitting down or when standing up. About 1000 people, both men and women, were studied and the results may surprise you.

Standing Up = Calorie Loss

Running for just 30 minutes can burn somewhere between 250 and 400 calories. Dancing can burn even more. Standing up at work all day? 54 calories per day.

For overweight and obese individuals, losing an extra 54 calories every day is not going to make a real difference in their weight. For healthy individuals who do not eat to excess, this could help maintain weight more easily.

Why Stand Up Anyway?

The true benefits of standing up at your desk for all or part of your day have a lot more to do with circulatory health than saving a few calories. Research results keep pouring in that tout sitting as contributory to everything from high blood pressure to stress hormone production to early death.

When it comes to losing weight, the caloric difference created by standing up during your work day is negligible. However, with all the other health benefits, you should consider it anyway. Besides, 54 calories saved is another big strawberry at breakfast, a cup of Jello with whipped cream, or a decadent square of dark chocolate you can enjoy


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