How to Get the Paris Runway Look

It’s no secret that every season has its own unique makeup style, and summer 2017 is no exception. Let’s look at one of the hottest looks from Paris’ Summer Fashion Week to see how you can achieve it and be effortlessly on trend this season.


You’ll probably be dealing with some heat this summer, so apply a light or medium coverage foundation to even out your skin without giving you cake face. Top it off with a light dusting of translucent powder to keep everything in place, then you’ve got your base.

Take a bronzer just a shade or two deeper than your skin tone and swirl it onto your forehead and, if necessary, across your jawline to give your face some definition. You can contour your cheeks if you want to, but that’s generally going to be too heavy for this look.

Finally, apply a light coat of a matte pink or coral blush to the apples of your cheek. Use darker shades if these won’t show up on your skin tone, but this should only add a touch of color to make you look healthy and active.


This season is all about understated eyes. Rather than loading up on pigments and powders, you’ll want to start by applying foundation to your eyelids to keep them the same tone as your skin. Then, for fair skin, simply dust a copper shadow throughout your crease to add some depth and dimension to your eyes. For darker skin tones, try using a deeper brown or even black for similar results. Top it all off with a thin coat of your favorite mascara to make you look alert, but not so much that your eyes become the focal point.


The lips are where this look gets its drama. Pop on a satin red or bright coral lip to draw attention to your smile and give your look some of that summer heat. If you’ll be wearing this look outdoors, it’d be wise to use a similar-toned lip liner to make sure you don’t start sweating off lipstick and losing the clean, graphic edge that makes this look so iconic. When choosing a lip product, lighter skin should use blue undertones while darker skin can go bold with an orange undertone.



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