Five Winter Foot Care Tips

It is essential to care for your feet, especially in the winter as the temperatures drop. When the weather is cold, you may keep your feet covered with heavy socks and thick boots for the majority of the time, but this can lead to problems. Anyone can develop medical problems on their heels, toes and ankles, but if you are a diabetic, then it is vital to inspect and care for your feet on a daily basis. Use these tips to keep your feet healthy throughout the winter.

Foot Care Tip 1: Wash Your Feet At Least Once a Day

You must wash your feet at least once a day to remove bacteria and dry skin. A buildup of debris on your feet can cause an infection underneath the toenails or between the toes. Before putting on socks, make sure to dry your feet thoroughly to prevent any dampness that can cause athlete’s foot.

Foot Care Tip 2: Wear Clean Socks Made From Natural Fibers

It is important to wear clean and dry socks that are made of natural fibers. Cotton combined with a small amount of polyester is a great type of material for your socks, but you can also wear wool socks in the winter.

Foot Care Tip 3: Have Shoes and Boots That Fit Properly

Avoid wearing boots and shoes that are the wrong sizes because it can cause blisters on your toes and heels. If you are wearing footwear that is too small, then it can cause your toes to overlap or turn under. Alternatively, shoes and boots that are too large will slip on your heels, leading to pain in your ankles and along your heels.

Foot Care Tip 4: Trim Your Toenails Correctly

Make sure to trim your toenails correctly to prevent ingrown toenails that can cause pain or an infection. Use specialized nail clippers or scissors to cut your toenails straight across. If you have rough edges after trimming your toenails, then you can use an emery board to smooth the edges of your toenails.

Foot Care Tip 5: Use a Whirling Footbath Device At Home

You can increase the circulation in your feet with a whiling electric footbath appliance. These devices are available at online or nearby stores, and you fill the item with hot water before turning it on to massage or cleanse your feet


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