Five Tips To Help You Have Attractive Fingernails

When you are socializing with others, they will frequently notice your hands, and if your fingernails are in deplorable condition, then you may feel embarrassed. Your fingernails are layers of keratin that are designed to protect the tips of your fingers from damage while you are using your hands.

Your Fingernails Are Made From Keratin

While your fingernails are dead tissue that is similar to hair, you can feel pain if a fingernail is pulled or compressed. This is because the matrix of your fingernails is inside your finger, and it has numerous nerve endings. To have attractive fingernails, follow these tips each day.

Tip 1: Protect Your Fingernails From Dirt and Moisture

If your fingernails collect dirt or are wet a lot, then the keratin layers become damaged. While cleaning house or washing dishes, make sure to wear protective rubber gloves. When gardening or working on a vehicle, wear cloth gloves to keep dirt and oil away from your hands. Keeping your hands and fingernails clean will prevent bacteria from seeping underneath your fingernails to cause an infection.

Tip 2: Eat a Healthy Diet To Have Beautiful Fingernails

By consuming a nutritious diet, you are more likely to have beautiful fingernails. Make sure to eat lean protein, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and fruits. Avoid crash dieting that requires a limited amount of calories or eating only a few types of foods.

Tip 3: Use Care During a Manicure

When you want to have a manicure at a spa or at home, make sure to have sanitized tools such as clippers, files and scissors. Use nail polish that is made with hypoallergenic ingredients that won’t cause a rash or peeling. Don’t keep nail polish on your fingernails 100 percent of the time because it can lead to dry and peeling fingernails.

Tip 4: Moisturize Your Hands and Fingernails

Use a moisturizer several times a day on your hands and fingernails. If your fingernails tend to peel, then buy a specialized fingernail emollient or cuticle cream. For an intense treatment at night, you can apply moisturizers to your fingernails and hands before wearing gloves.

Tip 5: Take Dietary Supplements

To increase the hardness and beauty of your fingernails, take dietary supplements that contain vitamin B or biotin. These nutrients are responsible for increasing the production of keratin in your body.

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