The Fascinating Life of Kim Dao

Anyone who is looking for the latest in makeup, fashion and travel must visit the blog of Kim Dao. Kim is also a prolific poster to YouTube and has become someone whom other people want to follow. She was born in Australia and educated at the University of Western Australia where she studied Psychology as well as Japanese.


The Kim Dao Blog


In 2011, Kim embarked on a project that would eventually become more than a hobby. While on a trip to Japan, she began to blog about her visit in the “Kim Dao Blog,” and it became a valuable resource to people who were interested in visiting the country. After she saw how popular her blog was becoming, she began to write about other things, including makeup, fashion, travel and topics within the popular culture.


The blog’s popularity increased at a massive pace, so Kim decided that it was time to spend more time discussing the blog on social media outlets. One of those was YouTube, and it gave her a chance to interact with her audience in a more personal way. Kim Dao is known on several social media platforms, and several well-known brands have taken notice. As a result, Australian media organizations and Japanese television outlets have come calling.


When asked where she got the idea for the Kim Dao Blog, she stated that it was meant to be a vehicle through which she would document her first trip to Japan. She never dreamed that people would become so interested in it, and it is a complete surprise to her that she has obtained so much from it.


A Day in the Life


A typical day for Kim Dao starts with a visit to her social media platforms. She gets ideas from her followers for what she could write about in her blog or say in a video on YouTube. She is entirely dependent upon her followers to help her create new ideas and make them a reality.


Kim is extremely happy about the current technological trends of the present day. According to Kim, without the internet and social media, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with as many people as we do today. We certainly wouldn’t be able to learn as much about each other either.


Kim believes that her powers of communication are what enable her to be productive in her business. The ability to communicate effectively is what has made her a success in cyberspace.


When asked what her worst job has been, Kim stated that she must be very fortunate because she didn’t think that she ever had a bad job, but she could also just be a positive individual. Her interviewer also asked her what she would do differently if she could start over again, and Kim had another positive answer. She can’t imagine doing anything differently because she is perfectly happy with the way things turned out.


She has advice for others who want to be entrepreneurs. When asked what she would recommend that other people do, Kim said that the best thing to do is communicate frequently with people to find out what they think about things. She will alter her actions if she finds that someone made a good point and that there needs to be a change.


Kim has had the opportunity to allow her followers to know her on an intimate level through her blog posts and YouTube videos. In turn, she has gone out of her way to know her followers as well, and this is why they are so loyal to her.


Fortunately, Kim is unaware of any failures she had with her blog because when she got it started, she didn’t know that she was starting a business, so she couldn’t have had any entrepreneurial failures. The reason her blog has been such a success is because she is so passionate about the subjects she discusses in writing and through video. She believes that anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur should examine what makes them happy and build a business around that subject.


The interviewer also asked Kim which are her favorite web services and software. She uses several of the web services and software that are available for her work, but Skype is the one that she cherishes the most. It allows her to stay in touch with her family and friends back in Australia and keeps her from being too homesick.


Kim believes that people ought to read “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gray Vaynerchuk because it goes into detail about how people can take the most advantage of social media strategies. She also values the insights of Rolfe Potts, but she has also learned immensely from Malcolm Gladwell and Gary Vaynerchuk.


First Day in Korea, Seoul


In this Kim Dao video, she is getting ready to go out shopping with Bambi Girl. Her friend Bambi Girl is someone she met when she first arrived in Seoul three years ago. Just a couple of weeks ago, Kim and Bambi Girl traveled to Paris and Denmark together. In about 10 minutes, Bambi Girl would be arriving to take them out to dinner and a shopping trip. Before her friend arrived, Kim showed the products she received in a gift bag from one of her sponsors. Then, Bambi Girl came to Kim’s hotel, and they made their way to the mall where they went to a Korean restaurant. After dinner, they went shopping for clothes.


Back at the hotel, Kim showed the audience the blouse that she bought for her sister. She explained that the reason she didn’t buy a lot of clothes was because she has to save her money right now. She does plan to go shopping for makeup before she goes home to Australia because things like makeup are cheaper in South Korea. Tonight, she just has plans to clean up her hotel room because she is moving from the hotel into an Airbnb before she leaves for Australia.

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