Facial Hair

Facial hair. Not every woman has it, but many women do struggle with what they often deem “man problems.” This is because some women have hormonal imbalances such as PCOS that cause excess testosterone in their bodies, resulting in much facial and body hair. Women spend countless dollars each month eliminating or working to reduce this excess hair.

Are some methods of facial hair reduction better than others, however? No, because what works for one woman may not work for another. For example, waxing may be more affordable than laser hair removal for some women, while shaving is the only thing that other women can afford to do. No matter which method a woman chooses, she has her options.

Women are often told not to shave because it is believed that shaving encourages thicker and more rapid hair growth. However, some women break out the razor when they see that extra hairs are making an appearance.

Using a razor is a personal choice. If a woman is comfortable using one, she should. Some women even empower others to use them, creating online tutorials showing their viewers the best way to shave. After shaving, their skin is always as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Many women are told that they should wax. Waxing is affordable for many women and comes without the risk of having the hair grow in thicker. If a woman can handle a bit of pain, she can handle the discomfort that comes with yanking off a wax strip.

For most ladies, waxing for the first time causes the hair to grow back in about two months. After that, they will probably need waxes more frequently. This method of hair removal is a staple in the beauty regimens of many women.

Laser Hair Removal
A final method of hair removal is by use of a laser. Laser hair removal is a bit pricier than the prior methods mentioned, which makes shaving more competitive. However, laser hair removal is often pain-free, making it a more attractive option than waxing.

Also, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for; these treatments are long-lasting. Some companies do incorporate one or more methods into their treatments, however, such as shaving, which removes hair from the surface of the skin so that the laser can better penetrate, damage, and destroy the hair follicle.

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