Fabletics Slays the Shoe Game Just Weeks After Footwear Launch

With a killer collaboration with Demi Lovato, a brilliant spokesperson/co-owner in Kate Hudson, expanded size options, and a yearly gross of $250 million, it’s safe to say that Fabletics is stomping all over the competition in the realm of athlei- sure. In keeping up with the brand’s mission statement of “living your passion”, the company itself appears to be doing the same, all while maintaining their integrity, quality, body-positive statement, and overall open business approach. With rapid growth since their launch in 2013, Fabletics is now expanding their offerings to include a capsule collection of high quality, yet affordable, athletic shoes. If you aren’t already a VIP member, this fabulous footwear line will certainly sway you in the right direction!

As is the case with all of their clothing pieces, each shoe is designed with functionality in mind, allowing city slickers, gym rats, and every active woman in between to revel in a comfortably stylish sneaker. According to the Fabletics press release, some of the design elements “include lightweight materials, flexible constructions for maximum comfort, memory foam soles and breathable mesh.” For anyone who’s ever traipsed around the city throughout an 18 hour day, these details are absolutely crucial. Of course, no one wants to parade around in shoes that are decidedly unattractive. That’s where luxe finishes, touches of faux suede, zipper details, and high end design elements add the flair needed to take these shoes to the next level. The capsule collection features high tops, workout sneakers, casual slip-ons, and even winter ready options. Notably, each shoe in the collection maintains a rather neutral palette, making each shoe a perfect companion to the various brightly patterned Fabletics clothing items. How about a true Fabletics style bonus? The entire capsule collection is extremely easy on the bank! One of the top priorities for Fabletics is to create high quality products for an active lifestyle that can apply to all women, and can be purchased by all women. With special introductory pricing, these shoes won’t make you late on rent, or leave you feeling guilty!

Fabletics Zuma Studio Shoe features breathable mesh and a stylish design that will keep you comfortable, fit and stylish.The perfect HIIT class shoe? That would be the collection’s Zuma Studio Sneaker, available in both grey, and black. As per the Fabletics site, this beauty is “designed with a cloud-like memory foam insole, sporty straps that hold you in and a comfortable sock-like fit”. While those features are life saving when in motion, the sneaker also features crisp lines, a sleek look, and will match with just about anything in your closet.

Heading out for a long day of running errands? Your sole-mate is the Pier Platform Slip-On, a not-quite-a-sneaker option that is cute enough to pair with a dress! As per the site, your new shoe BFF features “comfortable memory foam insole, slip-on design with platform, and soft knit material”. From brunch with friends, to a low-key movie date, these slip-ons translate beautifully to fit your needs, and you can change outfits several times before you’ll even think about changing your shoes.

As per the brand’s transparency focus, this newly launched footwear line prominently features the reviews of consumers and is seemingly gaining cult like status among Fab-aholics. In fact, the entire foray into footwear is a result of the direct consumer demand. The decision to bring to market a footwear line “is being introduced in direct response to feedback from our members,” said Adam Goldenberg, co-CEO and cofounder of TechStyle Fashion Group, parent company of Fabletics. Not only do these ratings provide insight related to how customers feel about their purchases, but they provide specific metrics that will make new shoppers feel confident in their buys. With a fit survey, and separate rankings related to design, comfort, and quality, the loyal community acts as a brand ambassador for Fabletics, further perpetuating the concept of allowing the consumer to dictate the brand.Fabletics Shoes Have Brand Fans Buzzing With Positive Responses

With such rapid growth within what is considered a short span of time in the business world, Fabletics continues to expertly choose products that highlight the importance of leading an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle. The company’s motto “Live Your Passion” is quite literal (emblazoned on clothing), but also maintains truth in the company’s practices, and advertising. Kate Hudson, the company’s co-founder and leading lady continues to be an involved presence, choosing fabrics, representing the brand in various marketing efforts, and reiterating the importance of the company’s mantra. As a spokesperson, Kate truly captures the spirit and essence of the Fabletics woman, and brings to life the very principles upon which the company was founded. According to Goldenberg, “Our goal at Fabletics is to bring women everything they need to live an active lifestyle, and with our new footwear collection, they can easily outfit themselves in fully styled head-to-toe looks.” With that statement, Fabletics continues to prove that their mission lies in empowering women to find whatever motivates them, and then go at it with full force.

In today’s modern world, women are finding themselves engaged in various types of activities. We are proactively working toward our goals, seizing every moment of opportunity, and moving forward at lighting speed. We need, and deserve, a shoe line that can keep up with our lives. Fabletics clearly understands this concept, and furthermore, sees the value in providing customers with exactly what they ask for. With bright and bold clothing that inspires an active lifestyle, and the shoes to do it all in, there is no stopping us, and no stopping Fabletics.

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