Eyebrow basics

Eyebrows are a staple in any make-up look. They are a frame for your eyes and a prominent facial feature. To get a well-groomed brow is simple and you don’t have to be a make-up pro to do so. In between beauty appointments, pick up your tweezers and remove stray hairs. Once your brows have been shaped, filling them in and adding extra definition will give your final make-up look that red carpet finish. Here are some tips on how to shape your eyebrows.

Back to basics
The basic eyebrow shape is simple if you remember these three rules:

1. The start of the brow
Imagine a straight line starting at the outermost corner of your nose going upwards to the innermost corner of your eye.

2. The arch of the brow
Imagine a line starting at the outermost corner of your nose and cutting through the center of your eye when looking straight ahead into the mirror.

3. The tail of the brow (the end)
Imagine a line starting at the outermost corner of your nose, meeting up with the outside corner of your eye.

Sometimes working with a light brown pencil and placing dots at each of these points is a great guideline. Then all you need to do is connect the dots. Brow stencils are a great tool to use.

There are so many brow products, what do I use?
The number of products in the brow category has grown extensively and it comes as no surprise that many women feel confused as to what to use. One general rule of thumb if you have little or no brow hairs is to use an eyebrow shadow. Eyebrow shadows give a softer, more natural appearance. Remember to use an angled liner brush when applying a brow shadow as this will give you control and precision. Light feathery strokes when using a pencil or powder are key in order to best mimic brow hairs.

To set your brows and ensure that they stay in place all day, a brow gel is a must. A gel will not only hold your hairs in place, but will also lock in the product that you have used underneath. Brow gels also add definition by making the end result look more natural.

Work that brow bone
To finish off the brows, add a bit of concealer right underneath the brow bone. Using a concealer under the brows works as an eraser and will help clean up and sharpen the brow. The concealer must be 1-2 shades lighter and this will give a natural highlight to this area. It brightens the face, making it look fresh and youthful.

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