EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm: All You Need to Know

EOS Crystal Lip Balm is a brand that is in the headlines as the leading brand in skin care and beauty used by most of the classy women who are out for best brands in the market. It originates from a critical insight that women are in need of products that not only serves the general purpose of beauty but also which delivers delightful moments transcending their daily routines. EOS is characterized by the iconic Lip Balm, body and hand lotion. One cannot mention the best shave reams without mentioning EOS’ brand; this brand among other products under from EOS, are among the very few brands that have been tested by dermatologists and are hypoallergenic. The product is well packed with vitamins that provide nourishment. Prospective clients and dealers can find the products in many retailing shops and at high-end places. For customers who like surfing on the internet, these products can also be found on the EOS website. The products have entered into the markets in Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe and have hailed by many users as the best brand that takes care of their treasured beauty.

Most users recognize the brand by its round shape, but the product is bringing a new thing into the market that all the users are receiving wholeheartedly; the Crystal Lip Balm. There is no much distinction in shape from the one that clients live most only that the Crystal Lip Balm is now clear and vegan. These features ensure that you can see through the products meant for your lips. The company is intending to launch the product, and it is evident that users are going crazy and they just can’t wait to see the product finally flood the market.

You need not miss this opportunity of being among the lucky consumers of the trending Crystal Lip Balm. This article provides you with all that you should know about the product. In contrary to what many people imagined, EOS surprised many with an innovation that effectively serves to maintain beauty. Unlike other brands that are flooding the market and spoiling it all for users, Crystal Lip Balm is not made out of animal byproduct; it is in the purest form that most of the clients have been yearning for decades now. The most interesting aspect about the Crystal Lip Balm is its price; it is indicated that it costs $5.49 and for this reason, no one can say that he or she cannot afford to purchase. Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and Targets are some of the outlets that you can find the product of your choice at any given time. Some customers have asked about the number of scents available for choice since their tastes are different and today we have provided comprehensive insight into the product. There are two scents to choose from to be specific, but the two mighty alternatives offer you the best experience that you cannot easily find anywhere. They are the Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Both of these brands are made with avocado, coconut, shea and several other natural oils. One should note that these brands are also wax free. When manufacturing the product, seventeen products are used as the ingredients.

Crystal Lip Balm is a highly recognized brand that will for sure change the personal care segment and beauty. Jonathan Teller and Mehra Sanjiv, the founders of EOS that is based in Manhattan New York, explains how the new brand’s strategy of repackaging has improved the users’ perception. Women aged between 27 to 29 are the prime targets as they are the most interested group that values beauty the most with very little obsession. Asked about the thoughtful and better experience that the new product comes with, Jonathan Teller says that if applied twice or more times a day the brand will rejuvenate one’s beauty more than any other product in the market. He adds that when developing the brand survey was done with more than one thousand users who were required to give their real experience with EOS products and whatever they felt like was missing in the market. It is from the needs and gaps that the customers identified which helped them to develop the new brand. It is the making of the customers and not their inception.

EOS Crystal Lip Balm is transparent and this, according to Teller, this innovation was exactly what the customers have been looking for in the market.

The company was founded in 2007, and it is owned privately. It has a workforce of around two hundred employees to date. The upstart brand EOS recently earned Millennial women and hoped that its spherical cream would attract more clients. This will be helped with a campaign that aims at soothing shaving stress. The company recently researched shaving habits and discovered that most men were confident to learn on how to shave, but women were found to be more anxious even to know more. Although EOS lip balm boasts of a vast market in the United States, markets in other countries abroad remain not fully covered. It is for this reason that the company has put in place mechanisms to expand the market share of this new brand overseas. Among the strategies that have been embraced include; giving out free samples for tasting and advertisement in Europe and Asia so as many people are reached.

In Guangzhou for instance, ladies that fall in the target bracket have been asked to register with local retailers for free samples. EOS has plans in place to venture into South America and Africa markets that remain largely unexploited by its competitors. It has plans in place to sponsor beauty Miss South America competition in 2018 set to be held in Rio in Brazil. This will provide the global audience to view the products and to understand the value regarding beauty that comes with Crystal Lip Balm. Although the strategy to approach the African market is yet to be made public, the EOS tends to use soft landing palm like giving out the free sample to win peoples mind.

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