Dr. Jennifer Walden Offers a New Look with Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden recently talked about cosmetic surgery and the numerous ways that you can change the look of the body. From facelifts to even a simple injection at an office visit, there are several options that you have depending on your budget and what you have time to get done. Dr. Walden is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Austin, TX. Recently, she was interviewed by KXAN and provided some insight into her practice’s most popular services. Botox is a popular procedure across the world. Dr. Walden’s office frequently uses Botox as a cosmetic procedure as it can weaken the nerves that cause muscle contractions and helps to eliminate or reduce lines in the face. There is very little recovery time involved with the procedure and can usually be done in a short office visit. There is also minimal discomfort involved.

Dr. Jennifer Walden often uses Botox on patients to help boost the eyebrows, prevent crows feet, turn up the corners of the mouth and to life a nose that tends to droop. There are many issues that the injection can help with that many people don’t know about until they begin talking to a plastic surgeon about changing the appearance of the body and turning back the clock. At times, Botox is injected into the neck cords if there is early aging of this area of the body. It usually takes about three to four days for Botox to set in with the results lasting about three to four months. Sometimes, people can see results a bit longer than that if they have had multiple treatments, but even that time frame is about six months. One of the benefits of this type of cosmetic procedure is that there isn’t a lot of downtime. Some people will enter the office on their lunch break, get the injection and be back at work later that day or the next day.

One of the things that Dr. Jennifer Walden talked about in her interview is laser therapy. There are several different types of laser lights that can be used. Dr. Walden’s office normally uses a broadband light that is an intense-pulse laser. This kind of laser can help with brown spots, pigment, texture and fine wrinkles. This is another cosmetic procedure that is often easy to do and is performed in the comfort of the office. The light feels like a small rubber band on the skin. It doesn’t take long at all to complete before you’re out of the office. Deep resurfacing is often done with a facelift and can usually be performed in the office as well. This procedure is often reserved for areas around the mouth and the forehead as well as areas that see a significant amount of wrinkles and premature aging. The recovery time for a facelift usually depends on the patient. It also depends on exactly what’s involved with the facelift. The anatomy also comes into play as some areas of the face will take longer to heal than others. Dr. Walden suggests that patients should take about two weeks off of work and to relax. Most patients aren’t going to want to go out and about during this time, but once this initial time frame is over, it gets a little better each day with how the face looks and feels. A benefit of plastic surgery involving the latest technology is that you can get several types of treatments done together, such as laser therapy and injectables. An example would be getting broadband light laser treatment and Botox in the same office visit.

When thinking about cosmetic surgery, think about it as a way to turn back the clock on aging. It’s a way to relieve some of the damage that is done by the sun and even by stress in life that causes wrinkles and other issues. A common procedure to help with this is the facelift. The procedure involves tightening the muscles in the face so that they don’t droop any longer, giving a youthful appearance to the face. Some people will look as much as 15 years younger after they are healed from the facelift.

Another common procedure that Dr. Jennifer Walden performs in the office is a rhinoplasty. This is considered a nose job to many patients. It involves reconstructing the nose so that there is a different shape. Some patients will have this procedure done to alter the appearance of the nose while others will have it done to enhance the function of the nose and the sinuses. There are some patients who need to have a rhinoplasty procedure performed because of medical conditions. The procedure can help them to breathe better or help to stop snoring at night. The procedure is typically done as an outpatient surgery, but it’s rare that the patient would spend the night in the hospital. General anesthesia is usually used, but there are times when a local anesthetic can be given. Vectra is a 3-D imaging service that Dr. Walden uses in the office. This service can look at the areas of concern with more details than a standard x-ray and can also give an idea as to what the rhinoplasty procedure will make the nose look like after it’s complete.

Dr. Walden is from the Austin, TX area and received her fellowship in medical training in New York. She offers a personalized approach when it comes to the procedures that are performed in the office or in a medical center. Dr. Walden lives in Texas with her twin boys. She is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as several other medical associations across the country. When Dr. Walden was in New York training and working, she was asked to be the Clinical Instructor of Surgery.

Now, she owns Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center and offers numerous ways for patients to turn back the clock through cosmetic procedures. She believes in keeping her family together, which is why she moved back to Texas with her boys so that they can grow up around her family. Dr. Walden is also involved in quite a bit of philanthropy work that includes the Circle of Red, which is an organization that fights heart disease and the Food in Tummies program that ensures every child has food to eat in school and at home.


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