Don’t Become Frozen In Bad Habits This Winter! Stay In Shape With HIIT Workouts

Winter is coming and bringing with it the cold air, crazed shopping, and enough food to send us into hibernation until Spring. Many people will push off exercise because they think there’s not enough time. Don’t let yourself become frozen in annual bad habits this year! No matter how busy you are with holiday traditions, there’s time for a HIIT workout.

What Are HIIT workouts?

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) are twenty-minute workouts that can be done three times a week to burn fat and preserve muscles. You’ll perform an exercise at a high-intense, rest, then switch to another intense exercise. Beginners will start with a 1:2 ratio and work their way to an advanced ratio of 1:1.

Which Exercises Are Used?

You can do many different types of exercises as long as you’re working out at a high-intensity level. Some popular choices are sprints, pushups, squats, and mountain climbers. You’ll perform Exercise #1 for 30, 60, or 90 seconds then rest for twice as long before switching to Exercise #2 – that’s one set. Alternate between three sets of exercises and repeat for 20-45 minutes. You can add kettle bells or other weights for a more advanced approach.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of these workouts are that you’ll burn fat, build a healthier heart, and increase your metabolism. Without the need of a gym, you can perform this efficient workout anywhere! This is perfect for the busy people who want to stay fit. For those with bad knees or other health problems, low impact HIIT workouts will be the best route for you.

HIIT workouts have been a popular fitness choice in 2017. They provide intense training to get you in shape without having to spend a lot of time at a gym. These twenty-minute workouts have incredible benefits for your body and health. The best part is that you can beat the cold and blast fat without ever having to leave home.

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