Don Ressler Helps Kate Hudson Journey from Celebrity to Fashion Designer

Fabletics, a fashion company founded in 2013, is an athletic clothing brand. The clothes are designed with empowerment in mind. In only a few years, Kate Hudson and her crew of dedicated employees managed to grow the business into a company worth a small fortune.

Enter Don Ressler

Don Ressler Co-Founder Fabletics

At the same time that Kate Hudson was involved in starting Fabletics, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were interested in launching an athleisure label. During this period, a typical woman could not find fashionable athleisure clothes for reasonable prices. The clothes displayed dismal colors and designs. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wanted to change the fashion scene and create a market that would attract all women.

The first person they considered was Kate Hudson. Gregg Throgmartin, the president of Fabletics, stated that Kate was the type of person they needed as a partner. They appreciated her enthusiasm for working out and the fact that she did not wear her celebrity status on her sleeve.

Kate was involved from the beginning. Whether she needed to look at the budget or choose the right strategy for getting involved in social networks, Kate had the right attitude. Today, she is still involved in designing the clothes.

Kate continues to work with other team member to make sure that the fashion line remains contemporary and stylish. She goes over the sales numbers on a weekly basis and recognizes the clothing that sells from the clothes that continue to dwell on the sales racks.

Although most celebrities probably do not actually use the items they endorse via advertisements, it is not difficult to imagine Kate Hudson working out in Fabletics clothes. Throgmartin mentioned that Kate does not participate in any ventures unless she feels they are genuine. She does not do things unless she has faith in the basic philosophy behind the projects.

Even though Fabletics was an excellent concept, Kate and her partners did not achieve instant success. The business had to go through several challenges in the beginning phase.

Throgmartin stated that the goal was to create an excellent line of athleisure clothing for extremely attractive prices. When the company first launched, the order was trashed due to inferior quality. Consequently, the partners had to work for another six months improving the design and materials before the final launch. The result was nothing short of amazing. The clothes are now of the highest quality.

In addition to the initial quality issue, a few celebrities, including Cher, criticized Kate on social media websites stating that becoming a Fabletics member was a racket. Plus, all of the popular products kept selling out too fast.

Kate Hudson’s novel approach was to insist that communication become the most important part of the business. The customer service department was improved. A new data system was installed for keeping a strict eye on the inventory. In approximately 18 months, the Better Business Bureau gave a high rating to Fabletics and customer ratings were also higher.

After the knots were corrected, Fabletics began to grow at a rapid pace. The company has now reached a point where the profit is expected to reach $250. Membership has also grown. Fabletics now boasts 1.2 million members.

TechStyle Fashion Group, the parent company of Fabletics, helped the new business get on its feet. Kate connected with a business offering funding and experience in fashion, especially online apparel. The parent company has offered Fabletics a tremendous amount of support and professional advice.

Even though the marketplace thinks that athleisure is no longer a viable business, Fabletics seems to have a bright future. With 22 retail stores and plans to open more stores in 2017, the company is expected to experience more than favorable growth during the next few years. The data-driven strategy, combined with partners like Demi Lovato, should help the business prove itself as a successful venture in the future.

Although Fabletics is a tremendous success, especially with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s guidance, Kate Hudson does not plan to quit her acting career. When asked if she preferred being thought of as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry or as an actor, she laughed and stated that her number one love was acting.

Plus, given Don Ressler’s history, you can’t say that he’s not ambitious:
JustFab wants to be the next H&M

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