Doe Deere’s Makeup Line Stays Ahead of the Trends with Coppery Tones

With it showing up everywhere from Hollywood premiers to the red carpet, copper makeup has officially become a thing, and there’s no question as to why. Fiona Stiles, celebrity makeup artist, said, “The warmth in the shade looks beautiful on all skin tones from the very fair to rich, deep skin tones.” As if to prove Fiona’s point, Margot Robbie showed up at a recent premiere looking fresh and pretty while wearing the hue. Pati Dubroff, Robbie’s makeup artist, shared tips for getting the look, so you can wear it in a way that will make you look vibrant and fresh like Margot.

Dubroff’s Makeup Tips

Many makeup lines are starting to offer copper tones including Doe Deere’s Lime Crime. The company’s Venus Bundle features different coppery hues like golden ivory and over-ripe nectarine. To create the coppery-tone look for yourself, apply a shimmery eyeliner first and smudge it. Then, add the metallic shadow. Apply it with your fingers to blend the two products together. This step will ensure that the products meld and blend together seamlessly. With a copper hue, you can always sweep it lightly across your eyelid. In this case, just add mascara because it will give you a fresh, crisp appearance.
image of Venus eyeshadow palette by Lime Crime

You can also use a coppery color to create depth. For this look, add the shade to the center of the lid. Dubroff suggests using a sheer concealer under the eye area to brighten it. Copper tones are great for people who have blue and green eyes because it makes them standout especially when you add a brown liner.

When it comes to blush, a soft, natural one is always best. Try to match the tone of your skin when it becomes flushed or when you experience an emotional blush. If your skin is fair, then pale pink is your shade while people with medium-hued skin should look for something warm like apricot. If your skin is olive toned, then go for a peach tinted blush.

Good Skin Care

Good skin care makes your skin glow naturally. So, wash your face every morning and night with a gentle soap, one that won’t irritate your skin or dry it out. Also, find a moisturizer that your skin likes, and apply it after washing your face. Be sure to wear it at night too.

Before applying your foundation, use a facial massager or a scrub to stimulate your facial skin and remove any residual puffiness. To enhance your natural glow, consider using a facial oil. The product decreases the look of fine lines and gives your face a fresh appearance.

A Coppery Eyeshadow Shade for Every Skin Tone

With makeup founders like Doe Deere of Lime Crime supplying coppery hues, you have plenty of options when it comes to purchasing the right shade for your skin tone. Traditional copper is best for people who have super-warm undertones. In fact, it will look amazing if you have a slight tan or if your skin tone is on the golden side naturally. For a glow, apply a copper illuminator. If you want to try an updated smoky look, use a copper shadow along with a Hi-Lite eyeshadow from Doe Deere’s Opals collection. To complete the look, add sparkly, colored liner. This combination will make your eyes pop.

If your skin is olive toned, then an earthy-hued copper shade will give you an extra gleam. To make sure that it blends and looks subtle, apply copper eyeshadow sparingly. Use a similarly hued liner or go without to keep your look natural. People who have medium-toned skin should choose a coppery tone that’s more on the gold side. Purchase a shimmery one to give your face a bright appearance during the day or night.

Other Ways to Get the Coppery Tone Look

To get a perfect everyday glow, infuse a copper pigment into your foundation. The product is available for under $25, and it is a universal shade that suits most skin tones. Begin by buffing a light layer of foundation across the face. Then, add a small amount of pigment into the foundation and combine the two. Blend the mixture over your cheekbones, forehead and the bridge of your nose as well as on your chin and Cupid’s bow. By adding the tone to your foundation, you’ll gain a subtle glow that will give you a fresh appearance.

Instead of using a powder eyeshadow, consider using a cream-based one. When using a cream-based coppery shadow, you’ll want to smudge it along the top and bottom of your eyelids. Complete the look by applying a thick coat of inky black mascara. The darkness of the mascara will highlight the shimmer of the coppery shade.

If you want to try a coppery tone, but you’re not quite committed to the color, try using it as a blending shade instead of as the focal one. You’ll create a softer appearance by making it the finishing tone over your eyeshadow contouring.

Metallic lips are becoming popular, so you can also use the hue as the final touch. If you want a coppery tone on your lips, apply a nude lipstick first. Then, blot it with a tissue. The next step is to cover your lipstick with a copper-hued eyeshadow. You can use a clean makeup brush to apply it to your lips. Begin in the center of your lips and work your way out gently.

Don’t forget your blush. This is another area where a coppery tone will enhance your appearance. For most skin tones, a matte, warm-hued blush is flattering. As with your eyeshadow and lips, spread and blend your coppery-toned blush. But, in this case, do so along your cheek bones.

Instead of applying your regular highlighter along your eye’s inner corner, incorporate a coppery tone here. Or, choose it for a spot highlighter. In this case, apply it on the inside corner and under the eye. This will make your eyes pop, and when you use a coppery tone, it will give you a contemporary look.

Modern and Edgy

To get this year’s makeup look, one that will look fresh and cutting-edge, try coppery tones. Of the hue, Fiona Stiles said, “It feels really modern and a bit edgier than gold or bronze.” Not only will copper keep you in step with the latest styles, but it also gives you more makeup options than just a sweep across the eyelids. Buy a copper-toned foundation, or use it in layers to try something a little different. Like makeup unicorn Doe Deere, use your own personal style to stand out.

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