Doe Deere Leads the Age of Innocence in Fashion

Most of the time, adult fashion is the height of sophistication. However, the latest trend seems to be moving in the opposite direction. Instead of dark colors and garish cuts, the fashion industry has been flooded with bright colors and kid-friendly patterns. These pieces are not found in the kids’ section. Indeed, these are samplings from the most popular adult boutiques.

This trend of incorporating childish themes into adult clothing may seem easy to write off as a small subsection of the market, but the fact is that it is gaining mainstream traction. Not only are adults buying these items in greater numbers, but designers themselves are becoming more comfortable with such designs. Moschino used its spot at Milan Fashion Week to display selections from its latest line of clothing inspired by My Little Pony.

It is not merely My Little Pony. The latest fashions feature other kids’ products, cherished characters, bright colors and more. While the rise of this trend is impossible to deny, it can be hard to understand. Its popularity leaves fashion experts stumped and the common wearer eager for more.

Fashion as a Social Phenomenon

People use their fashion choices to express who they are. However, these fashions should not be condemned as a sign of immaturity. Instead, consider the fact that more people are celebrating their individuality. More than that, these people are realizing that they are not alone.

Most people feel judged by what they wear, which has a huge impact on the styles they choose. In modern culture, fashion is not merely shared with the people who live and work in one’s proximity. Thanks to social media, fashion choices can be shared across the Internet. This allows people to connect with others who share their sense of style. While kiddish fashion may have seemed isolating years ago, now it is possible for like-minded people to find each other through social media.

The Internet also makes it easier to purchase these specialized items. In some cases, such trends are only carried at exclusive boutiques. Now, people across the world have access to these boutiques in ways they never did before. This creates realized demand. In response, the fashion industry has started to up its supply.

Fashion For Fun

Fashion often gets a bad reputation for being too serious. Perhaps that is why this latest trend is so refreshing. Instead of telling adults that they need to grow up, these fashion choices allow people to have fun.

These fashions should not be written off as nostalgia. They represent, in part, the desire for a more kid-like view of the world. After all, the daily news can be difficult to bear, and it is wrought with tragedy, controversy and hatred. With so much darkness in the world, it may be healthy to embrace a more optimistic feel in fashion.

That is the effect that this trend often has. The bright colors are a sign of hope. The childish patterns remind everyone that innocence is still possible. In this sense, when people wear these styles, it is a conscious choice to embrace a happier take on life.

A Generational Tone

As might be expected, this trend is most popular with the younger generations. Many observations have been made about how these young people interact with the world. In this context, it is easy to see how their fashion choices are an extension of their tumultuous formative years.

When the economy fell into disarray in 2008, an entire generation was left hanging in the balance. As these young people floundered in society, the question of who they were seemed even more pressing. If the answer could not be found in a stable career, a new house or investment portfolios, then fashion was an apt alternative.

Moreover, fashion can carry a sense of rebellion. With crippling debt, minimal job prospects and reduced opportunities for independence, it is impossible to blame these young people for refusing to play by the rules that have worked against them. Across the board, Millennials reject mainstream choices by not buying homes, opting for online streaming services and ignoring outdated shopping malls. Their rejection of mainstream fashion is really no surprise.

New Innovators in Fashion

With this growing demand, there is more opportunity than ever for designers who are savvy enough to keep up. Some big name designers are getting in on the trend, but it is the upcoming names that are truly defining it.

Such is the case of Doe Deere. Born in Russia and raised in New York City, Deere is the CEO and main creative force behind Lime Crime Cosmetics. The unique products made by Lime Crime defy the standards of the cosmetics industry. Each product is designed to enhance one’s look with color and flair. For Deere, beauty should not be about societal norms or outside opinions. Rather, fashion should be about what feels good right now.

Lime Crime was launched in 2008, and Deere’s proclivity for bright colors provided the perfect contrast to the dark days of the financial crisis. As the company grew in popularity, Deere was able to diversify her products. One of her latest innovations is a line of eye shadow that draws inspiration from Polly Pocket toys in the 1990s. With offerings like this, Deere has managed to excel where others have been afraid to go. While many other major retailers are reluctant to sell cosmetics online, Deere knows her customers. She knows that by giving them fun alternatives to standard fashion, they will happily order online.

Embracing the Fun in Everyone

Whether or not one appreciates this juvenile take on modern fashion, the push for fashion that exemplifies who people are should certainly have universal appeal. Thanks to new innovations in design and the ability for trends to go viral, it is now possible for everyone to find their niche in fashion. This will drive the industry to better represent real people while also giving individuals the ultimate chance to express who they truly are.

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