Doctor Imran Haque: Internal Medicine Physician Beautifying Up North Carolina

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About Dr. Imran Haque

Doctor Imran Haque is a medical doctor who works at Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina in the United States. He has risen to turn out to be one of the most notable internal medicine specialists at his Asheboro and Ramseur offices. A highly respected medical practitioner who has an experience that spans over 15 years in his field provides an array of different services. As a result of many years of experience and dedicated service, the doctor is able to attend to various illnesses that require his expertise.

Education & Background 

His profession in the field of medicine began after he received his medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE), Santo Domingo in 1998 where he graduated with honors. After that, Dr. Haque trained at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. He is also affiliated with Randolph Hospital. During his stay in the university, he grounded himself in internal medicine. After successfully undergoing the training, the doctor obtained a license that allowed him to practice medicine in North Carolina. This is the medical facility that has enabled Dr. Haque to be well known by many residents in the region and also the services he offers. It’s important to note that this facility is of great importance to the residents, visit him and seek medical assistance.

Horizon Internal Medicine 

Horizon Internal Medicine is the medical service from where Doctor Imran Haque conducts the treatment of internal medicine illness as well as complications. Patients who require medical attention concerning internal medicine come to this place. This is a facility that is dedicated to quality services since it prides itself on being a leader in internal medicine consultancy along with treatment. This facility has become the preferred choice for many people. As an internist, he is the primary-care doctor for many residents simply because he can diagnose much illness, advice on medical tests as well as make medical examinations for his patients at Horizon Internal Medicine. In reality, Haque is well known for his professionalism and experience. For a long time, many residents come to the facility to be attended by him thus making the Horizon Internal Medicine service a famous spot in North Carolina.

The Doctor Haque performs checkups and routine examinations with an aim to accurately diagnose the right illness. His work has been successful since he cooperates with other doctors and physicians in medical groups for Medicare information and advice. Patients come to him both for specific treatment and to serve as a primary care physician since he can diagnose many common ailments as well as provide referrals to specialists when necessary. Central to such an endeavor, Doctor Imran Haque can provide many patients with the cure they need right in his office while offering laboratory along with ultrasound service in-office. His experience has to a large extent led many residents of Asheboro, Ramseur, and the surrounding areas to visit him seeking medical assistance.

Wide Range of Services the Doctor performs 

Horizon Internal Medicine takes patients through delicate treatments successfully. For instance, 360 resurfacing require a medical professional with specialized training and experience like the one doctor Imran. This is a laser treatment that aims at tightening the skin or enhances its tone and texture. This procedure involves skin conditions on the neck, chest, and face. Actually, this treatment takes several weeks, with each stage being done per week. Dr. Imran at his modern practice offers the best chance for this kind of delicate treatment. When it comes to matters of one’s health, actually there is extra safety in knowing that you are dealing with the most excellent person in the field.

When it comes to weight management, the residents of Asheboro have the advantage of having a professional weight loss specialist. As a doctor, Imran knows the danger of being overweight on the body. This doctor offers solutions to tackle this societal problem since many people are struggling with weight issues. The doctor has deliberated weight management treatments, cosmetic procedures to enhance the body and a nutritional package for patients struggling with weight problems. Also, the doctor offers laser hair removal at his practice that helps the residents of Asheboro and the nearby areas in North Carolina to eradicate hair from a particular area and slow the succeeding growth of any hair on the body. Imran continues to see success with every procedure having performed many of such procedures on his patients. His patients trust him, and he just delivers as he promises. Moreover, his practice offers a clean and safe environment for the comfort of his patients.

A caring expert 

Going by the reviews of many patients who have been treated at his practice, it is evident that Imran is a master at his trade. Every patient that Doctor Imran Haque sees has a positive story to tell. For the years that he has been in the medical field, Haque has known the value of human interactions. He has a professional connection with every client since he places the life and health of its customers first. His professionalism and expertise, as well as his trained staff which are ready to assist patients in all ways possible, have led him to be a personal doctor for many residents in Asheboro and Ramseur. Patients choose his practice simply because he makes them feel comfortable and helps them to boost their confidence while treating them.

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