This DIY Spa Treatment Will Give You The Softest Hands Ever

We all want soft, touchable hands with cuticles that are barely visible. However, between regular hand-washing and dry air, our hands can frequently become dry and chapped.

Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to run out to a spa for a manicure to take your hands from rough to soft. Instead, try this simple at-home spa treatment for the softest hands ever.

Step One: Exfoliate

Unlike spa treatments for your body that require you to go jump in the shower or bath, this one can be done at your bathroom sink. Take your favorite oil-based body scrub and massage it into your hands, gently exfoliating away all of the dry skin. Rinse in lukewarm water, as hot water can dry your skin out more. If you don’t have a body scrub on hand, just use a mixture of olive oil and sugar.

Step Two: Cuticle Oil

If you want healthy nails, you need healthy cuticles. Don’t cut or trim your cuticles, as this is best left to professionals. Instead, use a cuticle oil to really saturate them with moisture. If you can’t find a good cuticle oil, pure jojoba oil will do just fine.

Optional Step: Apply A Retinol Treatment

Our hands are often the first part of our body to begin to show signs of aging. After all, they’re the part of our bodies that get the most use. If you want to combat signs of aging, apply a retinol treatment. It can either be a prescription treatment or something you got over the counter. Retinol is the most effective ingredient against aging.

Step Three: Apply A Body Oil

You’ve already oiled your cuticles, but the rest of your hands deserve some love too. Massage your favorite body oil into your hands, working slowly to ensure that the product is really worked into the skin. If you don’t have a body oil, olive or coconut oil will do just fine.

Step Four: Apply A Hand Cream Or Body Butter

The oil isn’t enough on its own to really moisturize your hands. Seal in all of that hydration with your favorite hand cream or a thick body butter.

Step Four: Put On Cotton Gloves or Moisturizing Mitts

If you really want all of those layers of product to sink in, slip your hands into a pair of cotton gloves or moisturizing mitts. This will ensure that all of those wonderful hydrating ingredients have nowhere to go but into your skin.

Do this routine two to three times a week for a noticeable improvement in the softness of your hands.


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