Desperate to Lose Weight? Three Terrific Foods to Start Your Morning With

Three months ago, you vowed to start eating healthier and working out regularly. In order to save calories, you began skipping breakfast. Unfortunately, your actions haven’t caused you to lose weight. In fact, you’ve gained a couple of pounds. If you can relate to this scenario, you’re not alone. Many people commit the dieting sin of foregoing breakfast. Besides wreaking havoc on your blood sugar level and metabolism, this bad habit can make you consume excessive calories throughout the remainder of your day. The following breakfast foods will help you power through your hectic day without sabotaging your diet.


Oatmeal is packed with health benefiting fiber. Consuming fiber filled foods helps you feel full longer. Oatmeal contains both insoluble and soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is associated with decreasing the absorption of cholesterol in your bloodstream. Therefore, it’s key to lowering your LDL, bad, cholesterol. Gluten-free, slow-cooked oats are a great option. To add flavor to your steaming bowl of oatmeal, consider tossing in some cinnamon, raisons, and walnuts. The raisins and walnuts will give your oatmeal an extra boost of fiber.

Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs might be the perfect breakfast food for busy professionals. You can boil them at night and easily transport them to work the next day. Bursting with protein, eggs can help you feel full until your lunch hour.

Greek Yogurt

In addition to boiled eggs, Greek yogurt is another fantastic alternative for those with hectic schedules in the mornings. This increasingly popular concoction contains twice the amount of protein found in regular yogurt. It’s also incredibly thick and creamy. To boost the nutritional value of your breakfast, add some fruit and nuts to a cup of plain Greek yogurt. Tantalizingly tasty options include:

• Strawberries
• Blueberries
• Grapes
• Pineapple
• Peaches
• Walnuts
• Pecans
• Almonds

For some people, losing weight is one of the hardest undertakings of their lives. To accomplish this worthwhile goal, eating a delicious, nutritious breakfast is a must. If your morning routine desperately needs a makeover, consider stocking up on the aforementioned breakfast foods during your next trip to the supermarket.


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