Caring for Your Complexion All Winter Long

Practical and Dependable Winter Skincare Suggestions

The wintertime can be comforting, delightful and relaxing. It can also do a serious number on your skin, though. The winter months can lead to serious and lasting skin dryness that’s not exactly attractive. If you’re someone who dreads persistent dry patches, flakes and roughness, however, all hope is not lost. There are various wintertime skincare suggestions that can keep you looking A+ from December all the way into March.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Are you sick of looking at yourself in the mirror and noticing unsightly flakes? The only flakes you want to see in the wintertime are snowflakes, period. You can save yourself from a fate of unattractive flakes by exfoliating your complexion regularly. Search for a gentle facial scrub that can beautifully slough off dead and dull skin cells that are making your complexion look and feel anything but smooth and fresh. It can be a good idea to exfoliate your skin twice a week or so.

Make Use of Sleeping Masks

The nighttime is always a great opportunity to pamper your complexion. Remember, the evening hours are when vital skin regeneration takes place. If you want your wintertime skin to be 100 percent free of severe dryness, then sleeping masks are your best friend. Invest in a sleeping mask that’s specifically designed to moisturize and hydrate the face. There are many different kinds of sleeping masks available these days. Narrow your options down to masks that can give your skin a healthy dose of P.M. moisture.

Use Lukewarm Water

There’s no doubt that hot baths and showers are soothing and lovely. There’s also no doubt, however, that they can be extremely harsh on the skin. If you want to treat your skin in a gentle manner all winter long, you should use lukewarm water whenever possible. Run lukewarm water any time you’re cleansing your complexion. Do the same any time you’re simply washing your hands, too. Lukewarm water is preferable thanks to the fact that it refrains from stripping important skin oils away.

Invest in a Humidifier

Heating units have the ability to boost air dryness. If you want to defend your skin from dryness, you should think about humidifier installation. It can be especially wise to get a humidifier for your bedroom. If you want to wake up in the morning to fresh and soft skin, a humidifier can help significantly.

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