Cancer Treatment Centers of America Names New Chief of Gynecologic Oncology

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Julian Schink, MD, has recently accepted the position of Chief of Gynecologic Oncology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Dr. Schink has also accepted additional responsibilities as the Medical Director of Gynecologic Oncology and Medical Oncology at the Midwestern Regional Medical Center. This announcement has garnered plenty of attention in the medical community thanks to Dr. Schink’s stellar reputation for expertise in oncology and professionalism in all aspects of his work. He has demonstrated a passion for helping others and advancing medical treatments for cancer for decades and is highly regarded by his peers and patients.

One of the things that Dr. Schink says he is most looking forward to about his transition is working in an environment where each patient receives the individualized care that he or she needs for the best odds of survival. The resources and staff at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have earned strong praise for their commitment to personal care and attention, a tradition that Dr. Schink is dedicated to carrying forward. He has spoken very highly of Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the past as an innovative and customized option for patients seeking out the most advanced and cutting-edge care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is certain to benefit from the wealth of experience that Dr. Schink brings to the table from his past position as the vice president of improvement and integration at Spectrum Health. In addition, Dr. Schink has worked to develop aspects of clinical trials for advanced cancer treatments. He has also been very involved in academic aspects of oncology at the University of Wisconsin and Michigan State University. This in-depth knowledge of the clinical side of cancer treatment has served Dr. Schink well throughout his three decades of work in oncology and will be a major asset for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Under the leadership and vision of Dr. Schink, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America will now offer robotic surgery options for patients. Patients can look forward to experiencing less pain and will have a lower risk of infection as a result of this surgery option because it involves minimally invasive incisions. The recovery time after a robotic surgery is also much shorter, which means patients are back to their normal lives and do not suffer from much of the mental and emotional anguish that comes as a result of recovering from many invasive surgeries.

One of the major hallmarks of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is integrative cancer care. The way that this treatment option sets itself apart from the other choices that cancer patients have in the medical community is that it attracts the top talent, such as Dr. Schink, from many different aspects of cancer treatment to develop the most aggressive and comprehensive care programs for their patients. Creative thinking is encouraged at all times at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, which only serves to boost the survival rates of patients suffering from aggressive forms of cancer.

No matter the type of cancer that a patient is suffering from, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is able to offer experience in treating different forms of cancer at all stages of progression. This offers hope and control for cancer patients looking for a way forward in their journey with battling cancer. The upbeat attitude and dedication to patients that the staff at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is known for are two of the main reasons that this center is quickly becoming the most highly recommended option for patients looking to tackle their cancer diagnosis in a proactive way.

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