Brows Not Bold Enough? Try Men’s Hair Dye Hack That Women Secretly Love

Having anemic-looking brows are not fun, especially when you have to take the time and preciseness of hand to draw in or powder a pair on. That’s what a lot of women do daily because they either plucked their natural eyebrow hairs away during their youth, lost the hairs from a medical condition or just weren’t blessed in the full, glam eyebrow DNA department.

Whatever your reason might be, there is an amazing beauty hack going around that some of you have tried or are longing to take a chance with.

If you want bolder, thicker brows, try “Just For Men,” the mustache/beard tint that fellas use to tint their grays away. It works, darn it, and we’ve got the green light from Vogue magazine’s Sophia Li. She uses the technique and swears by it, having picked up the tip from famous makeup artist Mark Edio.

Why a box of men’s hair dye?

It comes in a reusable portion size. So it’s super economical, and you receive enough for about 7 applications.

For example, you squeeze out the amount you need from the color base tube, and add it to the enclosed mixing tray. The tray has a small median in the middle to keep the base and developer from mixing until you’re ready. Then squeeze out an equal amount of the developer on the other side of the median. Mix the two together, and you’ve got instant brow tint.

You’d have to spend plenty for brow tinting at your favorite salon, and the touch-ups can run into major bucks.

Why not perform the beauty brow hack on your own?

It takes only about 10 minutes, and the results look natural, fuller and attractive if you follow a few tinting rules.

According to Edio, the best dye colors to achieve the best look come in the light- and medium-brown shades from “Just For Men.” Women on social media sites, however, swear by darker shades also.

Beauty guru “somegirljess” demonstrated how she applies the men’s tint for amazing eyebrows here on YouTube. She’s blonde and dared to choose a darker tint, and her results were impressive.

Edio uses a clean mascara wand to apply the beard tint to models’ brows. Others use a clean angled brow brush or the brush that comes in the “Just For Men” kit.

This simple, effective beauty hack is worth trying.

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