Breaking The Rules Of Fashion With Doe Deere

Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime, is a woman who believes that it’s alright to break a few beauty rules every now and then. She founded the company so that she could offer women a way to be free with the makeup that they wear as Lime Crime features everything from lip gloss to eye glitter in bold colors that range from hot pink to bright blue. Beauty rules are often set in place as a way to give suggestions about how to wear makeup or how to wear clothing. They aren’t really rules that you should follow all the time and should only be used as an indication of what you might be able to do if you aren’t sure about something.

RULE TO BREAK #1: Don’t wear bold eye color with bold lip color

One of the rules that Doe likes to break on a regular basis is that you shouldn’t wear a bold eye color with a bold lip color. This is a rule that many people are taught when they are young so that the face doesn’t have too much makeup or too much of a vibrant look. You’re usually told to wear a bold color on either one area or the other but not on both. Doe usually wears bold colors all the time. She doesn’t see anything wrong with wearing a dark red lipstick with blue eyeliner or any other color combination that you enjoy as it’s a way to bring out your own personality.

RULE TO BREAK #2: Don’t mix too many colors

It’s often been said that you shouldn’t mix too many colors together because they will clash. More people are stepping away from that rule and wearing as many colors as they can that they like. Doe has a trick that she uses when she wears multiple colors. She wears multiple shades that are in the same color family and the blend well together. Examples of the clothing and hair color combinations that she enjoys include hot pink and lavender or pink and green. Large fashion companies, such as Prada, are starting to work in a few color combinations as well, such as pink and blue or mint and yellow.

RULE TO BREAK #3: Don’t wear too many patterns

Another rule that many people talk about is not wearing too many patterns together. There are a few people who know how to blend patterns for a flawless appearance, but most people tend to steer clear of mixing plaids with stripes or other combinations that just don’t seem to work well together. Doe believes that patterns can be fun and that you shouldn’t be afraid to mix patterns as they can bring out your personality. The best way to wear patterns is to make sure they are in the same color family, but there’s really not a wrong way to wear patterns together.

RULE TO BREAK #4: Don’t wear socks with sandals or open-toed shoes

One of the initial rules that many girls are taught when they start dressing is not to wear socks with sandals or open-toed shoes. Doe Deere has several pairs of socks and feels that they shouldn’t’ be kept hidden. They are a fun way to accent the feet whether you’re wearing sandals or tennis shoes.

RULE TO BREAK #5: Only dye your hair black or a natural color

A hair rule that Doe tends to break more than others is that you should only wear black or a neutral color if the hair is dyed. Doe likes to color her hair in bold shades, such as blue and pink. You should try to keep the colors tame if your hair is vibrant, but there’s not really an issue with combining pastel hair colors and shades that include blue or pink. If the hair is a bit brighter, then consider colors that are a bit deeper, such as a darker yellow or red.

RULE TO BREAK #6: Wear clothes that match your age

Many people think that you should find clothes that match your age. You shouldn’t wear clothing that appears to make you look younger than what you are or that makes you look too old. Doe doesn’t think that you have to give up the fun styles of clothing that you have in the closet just because you reach another decade. Your clothing should reflect your personality and make you feel confident about yourself. You should wear the clothes that you want to wear instead of those that society believes should be reserved for your age group. Fashion and beauty are about the individual and living life to its fullest no matter what color, accessory or style you choose.

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