Beauty tips for women in their 30s

There’s something refreshing about the love-your-age trend. But with all the amazing things that come with entering your 30s, it’s inevitable that some of the dewy youthfulness of being a 20-something changes. Looking and feeling your best might shift, but your 30s are an amazing decade for embracing you!

Use sunscreen!
It can’t be said enough. Years of sun damage age skin in ways that can be difficult and time-consuming to reverse. Regular sunscreen use is your best bet to avoid sun damage and protect against sun spots and wrinkles.

Find products that work for your skin type
Sad but true: fighting pimples and fine lines at the same time is a cruel reality. Fortunately, there are products out there that moisturize without clogging pores. Salicylic acid is a common acne treatment if you’re pimple-prone, while those of us with dry skin may seek hyaluronic acid to replenish parched skin.

Embrace your style
One of the most beautiful parts of entering your fourth decade is having a sense of what works for you and what you like. Dedicated to a bold red lip? Embrace it and find a color that goes with your work look and something a little flashier for nights out. Is a smokey eye more you? Own that and play with shadow combos that highlight your eye and hair color.

But be a little daring sometimes, too
Just because we know what we like doesn’t mean we can’t try new things. Sometimes taking a chance on that trendy glitter eye shadow or black lipstick is exactly what we need for a little shake up, even if it only lasts for the night.

Eat right, get enough sleep and exercise
It’s not glamorous, but no matter how old you are, there’s no denying that a diet filled with real foods, nights of solid sleep and getting your body moving several times a week make you feel good inside and out.

Practice self-care
Love coloring? Does yoga soothe your soul? Are you a baker? Whatever nourishes you inside shows on the outside, too. Our 30s can be a hectic time filled with busy careers, marriage and children, travel and big-time decisions. Take time to take care of you!

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